Saturday, July 9, 2011

First Day of Preschool

It's official!! My very first blog post for the Momenta Design team went up today! As you know, I was really excited to get the box! And it didn't disappoint!

The cardstock works really really well through my Silhouette, so I cut the whole title out of cs. For the journaling, I didn't stamp it, I just ran it all through my printer, using a really subtle piece of patterned paper.

Here's the layout:

CH_preschool sm

Can you believe how tiny my son is? OMgosh! He's going to be a full blown teenager in December! Oh, so cute!!

Couple close ups:
CH_preschool cu2

That's the journaling... yup, just used the Ali Edwards font here and there and popped some color on the font.

Ethan thought the church where he went to school, looked like Hogwarts! too cute.

CH_preschool cu1

And here is one of my most favorite Momenta products, these puffy stickers! Isn't this robot to die for? Had to use him!!

In other news, I was very, very, VERY bad today! LOL! I went to Joanne's on a punch mission! Thankfully, all the punches were 40% off, except the Martha Stewart one, called Cherish, but, I had to get it! Love it. I also purchased the one that makes your stuff look like it was torn from a page, the ek success edge punch... I'm sure I'm the last person on the planet not owning one! I also got a basic star shape... even tho I have the Slice, I wasn't getting the right star. I can't wait to go play.

Hope everyone had a great week, and a better weekend. The weather here is just perfect today, can't complain!!

Have a great day!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

"Owl" be back....

Oh, wow, where did the time go??? I've been so busy, my blog got ignored a bit.

First off, Happy Fourth of July!! My family went to Kennywood Park. I didn't want to go, so I decided to stay home and scrapbook and get some laundry done. I kind of like the quiet right now!! It's a rare commodity these days!

I've been working on projects for the Momenta design team, but I can't share any of it with you just yet. I was so excited to finally get my box. You can find the Momenta/ATD paper pads, stickers, cardstock pads and page kit at Michaels and AC Moore... I haven't checked at JoAnns yet. I am just in love with their border stickers!! They're having a contest right now with their line of Design Your Own Stickers, so check out the blog to see if you can play to win!!

Since I can't share my Momenta layout just yet.... I have a cute little "owl" card I can share. We had a swap of paper pieces on a scrapbooking board I'm on, and I got this cute little owl, so I made this cute little Thank You card:

Owl card

I'm not much of a paper piecer, but he sure is cute.

I'm also working on 2 other layouts... one of my NYC trip, Times Square was AMAZING!! The play "The Normal Heart" was amazing. It was neat to see a Broadway play, well, kind of off Broadway. Ellen Barkin was in it and she did such a fantastic job. Really.

That was quite a world-wind day! Fun, but I don't think I'll need to go back for another 10 years! LOL! I would like to take my kids. We'd do more touristy things, like the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Hope you all are having a great 4th of July Weekend!! If you're not celebrating, I hope you're having a great Monday at least!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

New York, New York!!!

In less than 16 hours, I will be boarding the Mega Bus in Pittsburgh to travel to the BIG APPLE with my friend Diane!! I'm so excited. I've been there before, so she wants me to show her the ropes. hee hee, I'll try. I'm sure a ton is different.

When my husband and I went, I had a crappy little 35 mm camera, and the film stuck, so I got one photo - of my friend! Then, the next frame had ALL the photos on it. The film didn't advance. :( I do not have any photos from that trip. I've been wanting to go back ever since.

We recently bought a Nikon Coolpix 1600 camera, which is really nice, but I'm so torn. Do I want the handiness of the tiny camera, or since I am a tourist, just go ahead and take my honkin' DLSR? I'm leaning toward the DSLR, I want good pictures this time!

I'm probably going with the big one.

The bus will arrive in NYC at 7 am, we figure we'll grab breakfast, sight see, maybe do yoga or tai chi in Central Park for free... that would be a hoot! At 2 PM we are going to see the off broadway show staring Ellen Barkin and Jim Parsons (of the Big Bang show) in a play called "The Normal Heart". After the play, we'll grab dinner, do some more shopping (probably all window, since I'm broke!), then we catch the bus at 11 to go home.

Busy weekend!

I have a layout to share. I found this sketch on the Sketch Support site, which I just discovered. It was  sketch #8, but I flipped it.


This is newish BoBunny paper. I really haven't bought new paper in forever, but really liked this line. (sorry, not sure of the name)

Couple of close ups:

And one more close up. I cut out the little flags using my Slice.

I got my big box from Momenta, and I am working on a layout! What a bunch of great stuff. I'm really in love with their puffy stickers. Really cute stuff. They have a new product, these letter stickers that you can run through your printer and match to your layout. I wasn't familiar with them, but now that I know what they are I am going to order some for next time, they seem really cool. You can either customize them in your program, or there are free print outs on the Momenta website that you just download and print out onto the white lettering.  Seems like the perfect idea for the perfect match of colors!

Have a great weekend. I hope I get some good pictures, and don't get rained on too much!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

To all the men who read my blog, which is probably my husband and maybe 3 or 4 others!  And to all your husbands and dads, too!

I made a card for both my hubby and father-in-law. I have yet to make one for my dad, but I will see him tomorrow, so I have some time! I wanted to buy my dad a TV, but it's just not in the cards this year. Maybe for Christmas.

For this card, I used all Momenta stuff, even tho my box of goodness hasn't arrived. I just downloaded some free digi files. YES!! They have FREE digi stuff. You can just download the pdf and cut it out, or do like I did, and opened the png files in photoshop and resized them, to customize. And look how cute it turned out!!

small card-fd

I just used the eyedrop tool to suck up the blue color to make the background, then I typed the sentiment in white.

Here's a close up:
small close up fd

Add some string, some buttons and bling, and you've got yourself a snazzy (and quick!) hybrid card!

I always print my hybrid stuff on STAPLES brochure paper. The actual name of it is PHOTO SUPREME DOUBLE-SIDED MATTE PAPER, 8.5 X 11. It's double sided, and thicker than copy paper, and it makes the colors really pop, and I believe it's water resistant, too.

Since yesterday was Matt's dad's birthday, and today is Father's Day, we invited him over for a cookout. He is 40 years older than me.... he turned 84, you do the math! lol!

We spent the day sprucing up our yard since Matt's dad is coming over. We lost 2 bushes over the winter from not normal salt for the side walk, but environmentally friendly salt... that statement is a bit of an oxymoron! It killed my 2 boxwoods! Luckily, they were on the ends, so we just moved a big rock that was being covered by a large stella dora (yellow lilly) and mulched around it. Looks good. The other I replaced with a small pink rose bush, that - GET THIS - I got for it for FIVE BUCKS! All the roses at Lowes looked pathetic and were broken, and just not taken care of, and it was $20... I didn't want to pay $20 for something that might die, so I asked if I could get a discount, and the girl said 10% - which is 2 bucks... I said well, that's not very much. She then asked the manager and he said, "oh, I don't care, give it to her for 5 bucks." I was so happy, I told him he made my day.

I hope you all have a great day, spent with husbands, father's and brothers! Happy Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Anxiously Awaiting

My goodie box from Momenta!! Where are you??? The UPS 'woman' stopped at my neighbors yesterday while I was outside, and I got so excited because I thought she would stop at my house next, but no, she drove right by. :(

Once I get that box, I can't wait to dive in.

Oh, and sorry about last week, that just flew by, and I could have posted this:


This layout was (again) highly influenced by Nichol Maqouirk, who is simply A-mazing!! I couldn't find the exact layout, but she's got tons of great stuff on her blog.

Here are 2 closeups:



I used my Silhouette to cut out the title, which was a bugger!! I welded it, but it kept getting stuck. I think it's time for a new computer! lol! (I wish!) I can't use the Silhouette software unless I have system 10.5... and, unfortunately, I have 10.4.5... so close, and yet so far.

Hope you all are having a great summer, we are so far. My little man is enrolled in a painting class this week. Next week I'm going to THE BIG APPLE with my friend Diane. We're going to ride the Mega Bus... I CANNOT wait! fun!

My nephew is coming to stay for 2 nights. He lives in Virginia... oh, this is a funny story (sorry Bobby!). He is 16, and his mom is coming up to help his other grandma in Erie to buy a bra. Bobby pleaded with his mom, "Please don't make me go with you!" Heck, I don't blame him. I'm a woman and even I don't want to go bra shopping! hee hee... so he'll stay with us those 2 days and get to hang with our kids, so we'll do fun stuff, and I promise, no bra shopping! ;)

Have a great week!! Thanks for stopping!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Thanks A Latte!

Here's a fun card, using my favorite drink, coffee!! YUM! I used some Fiskars stamps, then colored the images with Copic Markers. I love how this turned out. I think it's my favorite card EVER! Well, that I made!

Thanks a latte card

I even stamped the envelope:
Thanks a latte w/env

Here's a closeup:
Thanks a latte cu

And, the sentiment on the inside:
Thanks a latte open

There ya go, my favorite card, made with my favorite drink image, coffee.

Speaking of coffee, my most awesome friend who lives in Hawaii sent me a HUGE box of goodies, which included a bag of delicious Kona Coffee... yum!

And, a cute little Pea card, Adorable. Thank you Joscie! :)
from joscie 

That's it for now. I ordered my box of Momenta goodies, and I can't wait to start designing for them. I'm so excited. They have such cute stuff!! You should check them out.

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Made the Momenta Team!

I'm so thrilled and honored to be a new member of the Momenta Design Team! I can't wait to get started designing with their product. Their catalog is chockful of scrappy goodness!

Momenta Blog

I'm still on a cloud after finding out, spontaneously chair dancing! hee hee

It's going to be such fun.

I'll be back later with a scrappy post.

Have a great day!