Tuesday, August 28, 2007

School's Back In

Well, it was the second day of school, and so far so good. Oh, except that my son snapped his glasses in half, and we had to run to the mall last night to Lens Crafters to get a new pair. And, we paid cash, because it ends up being less expensive, since we had a coupon from our neighbor eye doctor - Dr. Marc.

So, that drama over, what happens today? My daughter throws her bionator in the trash after eating lunch in the cafeteria today. What is a bionator you ask? Why it is a $800 mouth piece to make your bottom jaw grow correctly, so you don't end up looking like Mrs. Kravitz (remember Samantha Stevens nosy neighbor on Bewitched? Ya, she's the one, no chin.)

Well, luckily, she has been wearing it for a year, and the dentist said it's done all it can. However, we're not letting her off the hook that easily! Nope, she's now got to get perfect grades, and totally impress us for the rest of the year.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

How do people do it?

How do people do it? How do they keep their house clean? How do they pay their bills on time? How do they do their laundry? How do they work? When do they find the time to do all this and find time to SCRAP?

I know, some people would say, clean first, scrap later... but they don't understand. I have to. If I don't I'd be very unhappy, and if I'm unhappy, nobody's happy in my house!


So, here it is, 11:40 pm and I'm doing up some dishes because I can't stand when I come down in the morning and there are dishes in my sink. I cannot make coffee in the morning if there are dishes in my sink.

Sometimes, I wish I was an insomniac, then I could get a ton of stuff done. But, sleep I must.

And, scrap I must. So, until I'm rich enough to hire a maid, then I guess I'll just have to try to juggle life with scrapping.

So, here's what I did today to make me (and everyone!) happy. It was a challenge over at Creating Keepsakes to scrap an Ali Edwards layout. Here it is:

Thursday, August 2, 2007

August Already!

The summer has just flown by. We haven't even gone on vacation yet. Now, my son has started football practice.... gese, I forgot about that. I was planning on getting away for a few days after the kids were done with summer camp. (Summer camp is really a day camp from 10 - 3, they mostly throw water balloons at each other all day! LOL!)

So, we'll see.

Here's a couple of picks from the weekend crop at the Creating Keepsakes message board. We had a fun Cyber Crop. Lots of Challenges and classes. It was fun. I've never cropped so much in one weekend.

Here are the results:

This was my challenge of to scraplift from a magazine ad:

And this was a home challenge, where you needed to start with "Here is...":

And here is my perogie page. This is my favorite so far:

This challenge was the embellishment challenge. I totally scraplifted this from Elsie Flannigans book on page 33. LUV IT!

And this was the Black Paper Challenge, where you had to use black card stock, 2 circles bigger than 3", swirls and writing on the photo. Fun stuff:

I did a few others, but I like how these turned out the best. The other stuff was just tags and a card.

There was one more challenge I still want to do, and that was painting on a layout. So, when I get done with all my work (which there is a lot of) I can do that.