Tuesday, August 28, 2007

School's Back In

Well, it was the second day of school, and so far so good. Oh, except that my son snapped his glasses in half, and we had to run to the mall last night to Lens Crafters to get a new pair. And, we paid cash, because it ends up being less expensive, since we had a coupon from our neighbor eye doctor - Dr. Marc.

So, that drama over, what happens today? My daughter throws her bionator in the trash after eating lunch in the cafeteria today. What is a bionator you ask? Why it is a $800 mouth piece to make your bottom jaw grow correctly, so you don't end up looking like Mrs. Kravitz (remember Samantha Stevens nosy neighbor on Bewitched? Ya, she's the one, no chin.)

Well, luckily, she has been wearing it for a year, and the dentist said it's done all it can. However, we're not letting her off the hook that easily! Nope, she's now got to get perfect grades, and totally impress us for the rest of the year.

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All moments remembered said...

OHHH man I sooo threw my mouth piece away in the 6th grade on accident during lunch!!! I remember sweating it thinking my parents were going to ring my neck!! SO go easy on her!! :)
I wanted to stop over and say THANK YOU for the well wishes for my daddy!! He did sound good on the phone tonight!! Always a scary thing!! My kids go back to school next Tuesday, wow where did the summer go?
scraphappy1yahoo at ckmb