Monday, September 3, 2007

Steps for Circle Text

I know that a lot of scrappers have trouble wrapping text around a path in Photoshop. It's pretty easy to do. You draw a circle path with the ellipse tool, then using your text tool, you type around it. The problem is, when it gets to the bottom of the circle your type is upside down. Ever wonder how the Starbucks logo was created? How they got the word coffee to be right side up? Well, here you go, I've got a tutorial for you.

1. The first step is to draw the type path with the ellipse tool.

2. Here's the circle.

3. Make sure you are in your paths palette. (not layers)

4. Highlight your path by using the pen tool. And select the bottom point of the circle. See how the bottom point is filled in and the others are hollow. That means it is selected. (To select while in the pen tool, hold down your command key - the key next to space bar - and your pen tool will turn into the arrowhead/pointer. I'm on a mac, so it's the command key. On PC's try the control key.)

5. Now, delete that point. It should look like this.

6. Now, go under edit > transform path > rotate 180°.

7. Next, again, go under edit > transform path > flip horizontal.

8. Now, the path will be upside down and flipped. (make sure your path is still selected) Take your text tool, (have your text chosen for center, if not, we can do that later) and click on the path with your text tool right next to the center point. (if you do it right on the point, it will jump to the upper left of the half circle.)
Now, type your text.

9. Your text will be above your path. To fix this, you will go to your text palette, select baseline shift and adjust it. I used 48 point text on 36 leading, and need to baseline shift -30. All baseline shifts will/should be negative (unless you have some wonky leading). Also, add a space after the last letter. This will help center your text, since in step 8, we had to start our text a little off center. If your type is not centered, you can center it at this time.

10. Here's what it looks like after you adjust the baseline shift.
11. And, here's what it could look like if you have type on top. The type on top will need to be on a new path. And a new layer. You will not need to do any of the steps past 2. You will just need to draw the circle and put your type on it. (yes, I purposely spelled it starBOOKS)

I know this isn't a "professional" tutorial, but hopefully it will help someone. And, I have no idea if it will work in Photoshop Elements or not.



PattiM said...

Thanks for the tips on how to do the text circle.....Easy to understand....

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sandeep said...

suppppperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr suuuppppppperrrrrrrrrrrrrr thank you thank you thank you

i actually wanna type in a spiral ...
for the back of my visitng card

cud u help me figure that !