Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Turning 40-OMG!

Well, today is my birthday. I'm 40, 40 years old. 40! Just saying it is weird. I don't feel 40, I don't think I look 40... and I certainly don't act 40! I'm pretty silly. Oh well, it's all what you feel inside I guess.

So, looking back, what have I accomplished in the past 40 (wow, 40) years? Well, let's see, did the normal growing up going to school thing. Then, went to art school where I met my hubby. Had a crush on him, but he had a girl friend, so we were just friends for a while, from like 1987 until 1990. He'd send me flowers for no reason, and notes. But then we went to a concert together, and instead of friends, it felt like a date. And, that was that. Moved in got married, got a house, had 2 kids and opened a business.

Wow, there you go, the past 20 years of my life in 2 sentences! I guess my obit will be short! Just a couple of more sentences, a mere blip on the radar.

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