Sunday, December 9, 2007

16 Days Till Christmas

I guess this will be my unofficial countdown to Christmas. I've been getting ready, doing a little bit every day. Yesterday my mom came over with her recipe for nutrolls. We make these every year for Christmas. We also make apricot rolls. Some people make poppyseed, but, they don't sound too good to me. I'd probably like them now that I'm older if I'd give them a try.

Here's the long process of making nut rolls. Step one, make dough, it's sort of like bread dough. This is the dough after it has risen:

We then grind walnuts, put it in a big pot with butter, honey, milk and sugar and cook until thickened, and it looks like this:

Then you roll it out, spread filling and roll into "logs"

This is how they turned out... and we tasted one yesterday, it was pretty good!

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Samantha said...

Yummy! That looks really good!