Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas & A Spiderman Drawing

Christmas is here... I'm cooking some halupki's (stuffed cabbage), I've got the ham in the oven, kids are watching a movie, hubby is baking Paska bread in the neighbors oven... yet another time that double ovens would come in handy. I just need to peel the potatoes.

We had a lovely morning. The kids are happy, the dogs are happy, even the grown ups are happy.

My DS wanted to share this picture with the world wide web. He wanted everyone to be able to google his drawing of spiderman.

By the way, my son is 9. Pretty darn good, huh? And, this was out of his head. He is crazy good. Since both DH and I are graphic designers and artists, we were wondering if our kids would get this talent, and yep, they did. I don't know if I'm happy about this or not... starving artists and all! LOL! A doctor or lawyer would be nice... as long as they're happy and healthy, it doesn't really matter what career path they choose.

Have a peaceful day.


Meggan said...

Your son did an excellent job at his drawing. I completely agree! Looks like you aren't the only talented one in the family!!!

Samantha said...

Your son has some great talent! It sounds like you had a very peaceful day :)