Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas EVE

I love these little Steinbach Christmas ornaments. They're so cute. Steinback is the German company that makes the big nut crackers. Too cute. I usually pick up one each Christmas. I need to get a baker one for my DH, he's always baking bread.

It's Christmas Eve, and DH is downstairs putting together the "big" present for the kids. I'm finally getting a little excited. I'm trying to put the bad stuff behind me and just be with my kids and hubby.

We decided that after church this evening, we'll get some hot cocoa and jump in the car and check out the lights. I still need to do some present wrapping. Time is flying by, and here I am blogging!

My son wanted a guitar, and it finally came today! Delivered by Santa wearing a brown uniform and driving a big brown van! LOL! Bet you didn't know that's what Santa wears nowadays!

Here's the brown box! No peeking inside yet!!

I also won a RAK from Liz Ness! I was very excited. Look!

And, here are all the goodies I won! Wow, can't wait to get those stamps!!

Merry Christmas everyone!


inara said...

Merry Christmas!

Samantha said...

Look at all that scrapping goodness! Congrats on winning the RAK from Liz :)

I hope you and your family enjoy a peaceful Christmas!!