Saturday, January 19, 2008

Don't know what to call this post....

I just wanted to put up some of the LOAD things that I've been working on. One is a mini album, so I'll post that one at one time. I'm having fun with the LOAD, even if I don't win anything. It's been very inspiring. I'm inspired to scrap more, and it's even translated over into my everyday work, and I've been getting more done with that... which is pretty amazing, to work a full 8 hours (OK about 5 LOL!) on my graphic design stuff, then turn around and crank out a layout for the LOAD stuff.

Here's what I've been doing:
Traditional paper scrapbooking:

Non-traditional digi scrapping:

And, just for kicks, I'll throw in what I've been doing for work, it's an invitation for a local Jaguar dealership for the kick off of the new Jaguar XF .... and I did everything, nothing was stock. I love how it turned out, and they did, too.

Finally, someone appreciates what I do rather than rip it apart! Some clients! Oi vay! Gotta wonder what goes thru their heads.


inara said...

very cute lo's!

Pamela said...

love the pages...and your graphic design stuff looks cool too! :)

Samantha said...

Great pages, Chris! I love how you can do both traditional paper and non-traditional digi scrapping. I have to go to Costco this week to pick up PSE 6 for $50. Not a bad deal!

I LOVE the Jag invitation. Then again, I love Jags!! It looks really cool. Very sleek and clean.