Saturday, January 26, 2008

Is this LOAD thing done yet????

OK, only 6 more Lay Out A Day to go... I say 6 because I haven't done my LO for today -- yet.... eeek.

So, I spent my week working hard, taking photos for a fence company, and they came out really bad. I need some real camera equipment. I need some lights with the umbrella to take these shots of the most exciting products I get to shoot. Yep, the life of a person in advertising is so exciting, so sexy - um yeah, only on TV, where they are doing photoshoots for lipstick or clothes, not PVC fencing and sandpaper products... those are my clients. Fun. It pays the bills.

That's why I like to scrap... the subjects are much more inspiring!

I'm working on my first mini Album. I'm lovin' how it's turning out. Only 5 more pages to go, so that will count for 3 LOADs! I did a card yesterday, too bad that doesn't count for the LOAD.

Here's my mini album cover:

It's a Basic Grey bracket album. I think next time I'll choose something square!

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