Saturday, January 12, 2008

More Load Stuff

I'm keeping up with the LOAD layouts, although there's probably no chance that I'll win, seeing that there's around 3000 people participating. I don't know if everyone is uploading a layout a day or not, but, I'm still doing it.

It really has given me a push to use a lot of the product that I buy. Plus, I'm getting a ton of layouts done.

Another added bonus, is it's really gotten me back into the swing of things for work. I've been so out of it lately, with Christmas and my mom and everything that has happened. It's been rough, but, things are slowly going back into the routine...

So, here are a couple of LOAD layouts that I did, both are digi, it's just faster for me, and I had a lot of "real" work to do this week!

The bottom is an 8 1/2 x 11, just turned to landscape.


Michelle said...

Hey, Girl! Just thought I'd jump over to your blog & check things out! I don't remember seeing the "Fresh" layout! very cute! & those pics of your poochie--too cute! See you on the MB!

your bestest scrappin pal,

Pamela said...

What a crazy picture! It cracks me up! I saw it posted on CK (on Erin's blog I believe...congratulations on that). What fun. :)