Monday, January 28, 2008


I have been working on Apple Macintosh, now lovingly called "Macs" since 1988. (yeah, that long). Sweet, sweet Macintosh. I've never understood why people use those "other" computers. First off, they were ugly, clunky and you had to type code in to even get a program window. All of us Mac geeks had to laugh when Windows 95 came out. Ummm, Mac's been doing that since day one! What's the big deal.

Anyway, I have a new love... I'm totally smitten... this baby is sweet

Isn't it stunning? It's the new Mac Airbook. OMG, I love it.

Sweet.... sigh... we just bought my iMac in May, so, I don't need a new computer, and we already have a Powerbook, so we don't even "need"a laptop. Matt has a relatively new iMac as well, so we're good. We have 3... but, Macs are like kids, right, once you have 2, what's another one or 2? LOL!

Here's more info, but I'm sure you've seen the commercials....
click here ;-)

Here's my other dream... more attainable and I actually NEED this. I may have a catalog shoot to do.... yep, and this sure would come in handy.

Either the Nikon D40 or D80. I'm a Nikon girl. We had a Nikon, well, we still have it, digi camera when it first came out in 2002.

Well, my husband is slaving away on "real" work while I type on my blog... so productive I am. Better get to work, a dermatologist brochure awaits me. (fun)

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Alina B. L. said...

If this post was meant to make us jealous let me tell you... it´s working like a charm, LOL.
I must take revenge by tagging you, take a peek at my blog to find out about it.