Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy Ground Hog Day!

And indeed it was! And, not because the little bugger saw his shadow.... 6 more weeks of winter.... grrrr.

No, it was because I went to Michael's today and found some glorious scrapbooking things!! They have a new line from Making Memories called Chelsea's Place... OMG, it's too cute. I'm going back tomorrow with my 40% off Jo's coupons, since my Mike's will take them, and I'm gonna get me some more schtuff!!

Here's all I picked up today, because I'm so addicted to these pebble clips, and have been totally looking for the Love story ones, to no avail.

Sorry it's not the greatest picture — I scanned them in. Cute tho, don't ya think?


inara said...

gorgeous, I will have to check that line out!!!

Pamela said...

Those clips are awesome!