Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sushi Saturday...

I loved my fortune.... would make a great scrapbook page title!!

Yum, we haven't had sushi for a few weeks.... OK, don't tell the kids, but Matt and I had it on St. Patrick's day, and we thought that was kinda funny when we should have been eating corned beef or something. So, after I blog this, I'm going to get ready to run some errands and get some sushi!!

I'm not really a “sushi” eater, I prefer the California rolls and the maki rolls. Matt will eat the real sushi and sashimi... he got a tuna roll the other day and I tried it... kinda squishy for me. The taste was OK, but I couldn't get past the texture. I'll stick with the California rolls.

I took some pictures to scrap our sushi experience... both my kids like it. They're pretty adventurous eaters. I think if you expose your kids to stuff other than chicken nuggets, they'll eat it.

I'll share the photos here, then I think I'll scrap them... first I need a light magenta ink cartridge, then I can print photos again.

Have a scrappy Saturday!!


Miffy said...

I see a LO coming on! Love your banner. Gotta learn me some digi!
BTW, Andy Gibb rocked my world, too! :)

inara said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm...sushi is so yummy. I'm jealous!!!

Marfa said...

BEAUTIFUL photos...what an awesome "fortune" & everything looks totally scrumptious!