Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm a Survivor!

I won!

I couldn't believe it because truly ~Kim~ and SandraK were both so very good. We were the last 3 "survivors" on All Moments Remembered message board contest. What fun! And, I got a kit to boot. Can't wait to get it because, their kits are totally awesome!! Oh, not only are the kits totally awesome, but they have a super talented design team and also get guest designers, which this weekend (NSD) is Christine Middlecamp... and I'm so bummed that I'll be missing her chat, because she's like my idol! But, can't be bummed for too long, since I'll be doing my own scrappy thing with a bunch of fun gals in Lancaster at a Creating Keepsakes MB meetup all day crop. That is going to be fun. Got my hotel booked, and gonna rent a car, since my car is in dire need of new tires, plus it's small, so I got a bigger model. And YIKES with the price of gas, I'm sure as heck not takin' the expedition.

Here's my "winning" layout. :-) I'm like a proud mama!

Here's a close up of the details... I sanded the little birdie:

And, my little felt flowers, cause I love felt.

Have a happy day.


inara said...

very cute lo! love the felt too, did you make those yourself or buy them ready to go???

Chrispea said...

Inara, the yellow flower is K&Co. yellow saffron, came that way, the other 2 are American Crafts felt flowers that I layered together and stuck the buttons and the jewel on.


Erica Hettwer said...

That is lovely! You deserved to win! :D

Pattie said...

Congratulations! Your work is always so great! Enjoy your prize! - Pattie

Rachel said...

Congratulations!!! Love this layout, it is so fresh looking.