Friday, April 25, 2008

More Photoshop Fun

I was on a blog today where she bought some actions for photoshop. Again, if you have photoshop CS, you really don't need actions. If you have a good eye for color, you don't need them. Actions are simply this - a series of steps taken to produce a certain look. Some actions are only 2 or 3 steps.... so if you can click a mouse and pull a slider, you can make some neat changes to your photos, and save TONS of money.

Here are my "homemade" actions!

On the photo below, I took simply used the shadow/highlight adjustment, very subtle. Next I did a brightness and contrast, 10 of each.
Next, using the same settings as above, I played with the saturation, and got the lilac buds to look more of a reddish purple, and the green is more vibrant.

On the photo below, I simply desaturated the color, giving it a washed out or "vintage" look:

On this photo below, I used the adjustment Hue/Saturation, and then I chose the colorization button and came up with this fake sepia look:
And then on this one, just for fun, I kept the color on the lilacs in front, but left everything else black and white. I did this by layering a black and white image over a colored one, then I erased the top layers buds by using the brush tool (not the square) to reveal the colored photo underneath.
Have fun and play with photoshop today!!

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