Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Has Sprung!

Finally, we're seeing signs of spring here in Western Pennsylvania. My crocuses have bloomed, the lilac bushes are filled with big juicy leaf buds. My maple tree has some red buds.... my daffodils look like they'll be bloomed by Saturday... I'm so excited. The winter felt extra long this year.

In honor of spring, here are some pictures of my crocuses, some cards that I made and a couple of Easter pictures. (If you click on the card pictures, they will enlarge for you to see the detail.)

Have a great day!


Fenridal said...
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Stacy said...

Your pictures look great & I love how you've got the white borders around them. Makes them look old fashioned.

Chrispea said...

Spam found me! Had to delete the comment.

inara said...

lovely flowers and lovely cards!!!

Pattie said...

Beautiful cards, Chris! I haven't seen signs of spring on this side of the mountain, other than DS starting baseball. :)


PattiM said...

Love the spring has sprung cards..... Perfect colors for spring.... The picture of Emma and Ethan are adorable... Looks like they had a good Easter......Isn't it great when the flowers start peaking through the dirt....My roses started blooming, I love seeing them when I walk up to the house......Have a great week..