Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day... and it will be the first one without my mom. I miss her so much. She was my shopping buddy. I thought of her today when I was in JCPenney trying to pick out a top... I thought, OK mom this is definitely your style, but not mine. Just the little things can remind you of someone dear.

My husband’s mom has also passed away... but in 1993, way before either of my kids were born. 10 years ago, Matt's dad remarried a wonderful woman, Barbara. Barbara is the sweetest, most giving woman. She is really the only “grandma” my kids have now. Barbara was never married before, this is her first marriage! At 60! She totally adopted us and we her. She is “grandma”.

I made this card for her today. We'll be having lunch with her tomorrow. Can't wait for the yummy food.

Here's the card:

I also made this little dedication to my mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the momma’s out there!


inara said...

Beautiful Card!

Debbie, a/k/a scrappydeb said...

The card is beautiful! Big (((HUGS))) for you today. My mom has been gone for almost 12 years, and it does get easier as time goes by but on days like this is still especially hard. How wonderful that you and your kids have a great relationship with their Grandma Barbara!

Stacy said...

What a great LO, it is so sweet!