Saturday, June 7, 2008

Today's the Day-AMR Crop

Today is the All Moments Remembered crop, 4 pm EST. Can't wait. I need a little push to use up some of my scrappy stash. I have EVERYTHING in my stash that is on the crop list! Can you imagine? I must shop a lot! ;-)

Flat Joscie is on her way to Pennsylvania! Yep! I can't wait to meet Flat Joscie IRL! LOL! She was just visiting Liz Ness, and I'm next. I'll be taking Joscie with me to Disney World! She totally came at the right time! What a fun time we will have. Here's Joscie:

I was playing with Flickr this morning... I discover something new about it everyday... I think it's so cool. I took a photo and was able to edit it. It came out pretty good, not as good as photoshop, but for redeye, it works wonders.

I also made my first mosaic... I know, a little late on the mosaic band wagon. I thought maybe I'd do a photo walk then make a mosaic of what I saw. It's super hot, so I might not do that today, I'll stay in where it's cool... I'm such a wimp!

Here's my first mosaic that I did, it's of my Basic Grey bracket album mini book:

Here's the cover:

You may have seen this already on 2 ps, or in the AMR gallery, but I was just playing with Mosaic... it's a great way to get your mini albums pages into one space.

Stay cool! ; )


inara said...

very pretty mosaic!

Elizabeth said...

very cool mosiac!! Have fun at Disney!!

Liz Ness said...

What a cool way to "do" the mosaic! Love it! Also, wanted to let you know to expect Flat-J (or as Noel has called her, Miss Flattie Pants, heh-heh) by Tuesday (Wednesday at the latest).

She's going to have a blast with you, I think! Have a great vacation!

Samantha said...

Hey, Chris!! I'm a total goober and forgot about the crop today! It's a bit too late to join in, but I did peek in real quick. I hope you had fun!! And I love your mosaic, too :)

Debbie, a/k/a scrappydeb said...

Oh Chris, that album is SO beautiful! Love the mosaic, too! Have fun with Flat Joscie and at DW! I have a "flat friend" from another board headed my way, too.... but I won't be showing her nearly as good a time! LOL!