Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Flat Joscie Journal Page

I had a major migraine yesterday. The aura hit me around 4 pm. It was like someone flashed a camera flash in my left eye, but it lasted for over 10 minutes. I couldn't focus. I had to go to the post office to ship some business cards that I picked up, and I couldn't even drive myself. So, my DH drove me. When I came back home, I took an Exedrine migraine pill, then went to sleep. Funny how when I get a migraine I can just sleep... it's the only thing that will take it away. Around 6 my DH tried to wake me for dinner, but I still had the headache... I woke up around 8.

So, what's the moral of this story? Well, since I slept for 4 hours I wasn't tired at all, so I worked on a scrapbook project. I was able to stay up until 2:30! Although I was done around 12:30 with this.... this piece goes into Flat Joscie's journal. It's on the Bazzill scalloped paper, which measures 11.5 x 11.5, and folded in half, fit perfectly on her journal page. It will fold down and I will be able to do a full size LO on the inside. Since I had FJ for over 2 weeks, I have lots of pictures to stick in there!

When I'm finished, I'll be shipping the journal and FJ over to Karla Dudley. And Flat Joscie's adventure will continue to CHA!! How exciting!!

Here's the cover, so far... I'm contemplating adding a rubon...
I'm just lovin' this whole pink, green & brown color combo. The paper is basic grey. YUM!

Go, now ~ get your scrap on!!

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joscelyne cutchens said...

what a great idea for a fold out page! I love it! :) and thanks for being such a great hostess!