Monday, July 28, 2008

What A Day!

Aren't you just glad when some days are done? Not that it was a bad day, just tiring. We had to drive into Pittsburgh Children's Hospital to have Ethan's arm Xrayed. It looked good, but the doc wants CT scans. We have an appointment tomorrow afternoon for the scans in Monroeville. At least we don't have to drive the whole way into Children's in Pittsburgh. Monroeville is much closer.

Let me tell you, riding 35 miles home in a little Hyundai, with 2 sugared up kids, does not make for a happy mom. They weren't fighting they were just talking and talking and talking, and it was all nonsense. I finally just asked my DH for the iPod. (We stopped for lunch at a buffet and they each had 2 sodas. Gets them going every time.)

We drive the little car to save gas money. But honestly, I just love my big SUV... go ahead, slap me for likin' my gas guzzler. But, boy when you have a couple of kids right there in your ear for 40 minutes, you'll start wishin' for a stretch limo!! A super stretch!!

On with the scrap - so I kicked some scrap butt this weekend. One minibook and 2 LO's. Woo hoo. I had the mojo.

Here's my mini album that I made for Matt's sisters birthday. The photo doesn't do the big ribbon justice. I left the tails really long and it looks really pretty. I sandwiched the ends between the chipboard cover and the inside piece of patterned paper using YES! Paste. That stuff really sticks:

These swirls I drew all by myself in Adobe Illustrator, then cut them out on the Silhouette. I have so many different swirls now. I just wish the Silhouette would cut chipboard, then I'd be in business. I haven't tried cutting cereal boxes or anything too thick ~ yet.

I also drew the blue butterflies in Illustrator and cut those out. Love that. I used some Stickles along the edge of the butterfly.

When I was scanning these old photos it hit me, that my son looks exactly like Matt's mother. Same bone structure. For years we couldn't figure out whose nose he had. (All I know is that I'm glad he didn't get mine!) Matt's mom passed away in 1993, a few weeks before our 1 year wedding anniversary.

I'm sure Matt's sister will cherish this little album. She's crafty, so she'll appreciate the time and effort it takes to make a little album like this. I'm also making one for Matt, just swapping out the photo of his sister on his mom's lap to one with him and his mom.

I'll scrap ya later.


Marfa said...

It's beautiful!!!

Debbie Gaydos said...

Wow Chris, that's just gorgeous and I'm sure it will be cherished! You're making me want to go dig through my boxes of old family photos... LOL!

I hope you get good news from the scan! (And have a peaceful drive! LOL!)

obxpatti said...

Chris, what a great minibook! Love it, it is beautiful!

angie worthington said...

great mini book, i LOVE your stuff...and, i am another one who loves my big ole gas guzzler!!!...;)

jessicamae3 said...

That is a gorgeous book. I drive a small saturn...with three kids...KWUM! My husband says we should conserve gas so I leave the Tahoe at home!

Lisa B. said...

It's a beautiful album...I'm sure she will love it and treasure it forever!!

I have an SUV...I won't ever give it up for a small crazy lady! lol

spice incense said...

What a great idea to save sweet memories....I am really inspired by your creativity.