Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sneak Peek, Belated Thank You's & The Dark Side

First another sneak from AMR's September kit... I believe the reveal is September 1st. Good things happen on September 1st. That's my baby's birthday.

Here's a little something I made from the kit.... there is a ton of yummy stuff left over. I didn't even crack open the one package, and I really wanted to.

Just love, love, love that Heather Bailey paper!! And the felt flowers... those are yummy.

Ok, now on to my belated thank you's. Recently I received 2 blog awards.

This one from Angie, she and I both have DD's about the same age... so we're dealing with similar issues of preteen & "new" teen girls! Thanks Angie!!

And this one from Patti, who just also happens to be my scrap-pal! ;-) Hey Patti! Thanks!

I am supposed to find 7 people to give these awards to, but, truth be told, I think these awards have already gone around the world and back, twice. Everyone has them on their blogs already. I'm still honored to have gotten them... it's just that everyone I want to give the awards to seems to already have it, which is the reason for the delay of the thank you's... I've been searching for people who haven't gotten it yet, but no luck.

Instead, I'll share a few blogs that I go to when Mr. Mojo is hiding from me! Love to go to Mojoholder and get a sketch and also look at the fantastic samples. Scrapmojo has fun challenges. How Much is Too Much is a challenge site to use up your stuff in your stash. Other sketch places that I've turned to on a few occasions is Pencil Lines and Page Maps. They just give me a kick start. Sometimes I use the exact sketch, sometimes I just use an idea from it. Whatever works.

Oh, I mentioned the “dark side” in my title... well, after being blond for awhile, I decided to go a little darker. Apparently, my interpretation of “a little” and my hairdressers are completely different. Maybe I should have said caramel instead of chocolate:

She said it will fade a bit... let's hope so... I just realized that my drivers license expires in 20 days! I don't really want this dark hair on my license for the next 4 years, because I'm sure I'll be blond again in a few months.

Have a great weekend! I'm off to do something scrappy, if I can locate Mr. Mojo!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

AMR Sneak Peeks

Have I told you how excited I am to be a guest designer for the September All Moments Remembered kit??? I got the kit last week and over the weekend I did my layouts. FABULOUS papers! I had a great time using them to make these:

Not enough? Want to see more? Debbie put some sneaks on her blog... check it out!

Thanks for looking!! Have a great day!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last Weekend of Summer...

before school, at least. The kids start school tomorrow... the summer went by so fast. We had to squeeze one last summery thing in, so we took a drive up to Lake Erie. It was a fun day. Very relaxing and the weather was beautiful. Not too hot. The water was freezing tho! Cold Canadian water!

Here's a shot of Ethan, he was cold. (told ya the water was freezing!)

Strongman E:
We're still working on his arm therapy... he still can't fully extend it. (I do feed this boy! I used to look like that! Ha, not anymore!!)

Emma found these tiny shells:

Some crazy sea gulls ... or are they lake gulls?

After we were done swimming and lounging on the beach, we stopped at a local diner to eat. It was called Sara's. It was packed with people, so we figured it was good... plus I think it was featured on the Food Network. We all ate burgers, Em had a hotdog... we were too stuffed for ice cream, but it looked really good.

Here are the kids posing with the giant hotdog:

Ethan was trying to sneak out of the photo.

The next time we go up there, I want to ride a sailboat. I'm sure we can get one for the day, with a guide of course, seeing that I've never sailed before and might end up in Ontario!

Friday night I finished up this layout before starting on my stuff for the All Moments Remembered guest DT spot. I had this laying on my desk for a week or so. I moved it and everything slid off... so when I sat down I had to redo it... I used the Making Memories Passport line:

These photos are from Disney when we ate in Germany at Epcot... very good food...and beer! ;)

Love the metal clips!

Have a great weekend... I'm going to finish up my layouts for AMR, I used some photos from my film camera. Couple of good shots in there, but mostly stuff from last Christmas... and a lot of really blurry bad pictures. I think I'll stick with digi... maybe Santa will bring me a nice Nikon, if I'm good ;). The paper is gorgeous from the September kit at All Moments Remembered... you must check it out as soon as it's up for sale (you can always preorder). Heather does a fantastic job of coordinating all the elements and papers.

Oh, one more thing.... CONGRATS to Joscie for being a Memory Makers Master 2009 runner up! Woo hoo!!! What a fantastic honor to be chosen from hundreds of entries! Visit Joscie's blog to see her fantastic scrapbook pages.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cast Off, Letterboxing

Ethan got his cast off yesterday. Poor guy, he can't unbend his arm. It's still very sore. He only had the cast on for 4 weeks. I have an excuse for him for gym class, he can't take gym for 4 weeks. I'm not really worried about gym as much as I am about recess and the monkey bars. He's a monkey, always climbing. I remember when he was around 18 months he scaled the banister at our old house. One day he was pretty far up there and my friend Carol started freaking out... I was like, "Ah, he does that all the time." Maybe I should put him in some gymnastic program, he could be one of the next Olympian gymnasts in 2020!

Here's Ethan waiting:

And the girl cutting his cast off:
Ouch, it hurts to unbend:

That was Monday, let's back up to Sunday.

Sunday, I picked up my film SLR Minolta camera. My baby... I remember buying her... we refinanced the house and was able to skip a house payment, so we bought her. She's been good to us. But, I've neglected her as of late, choosing my Olympus digi camera over her... I'm such a cheater. Too bad you can't just buy a part to convert cameras to digital.

I had 5 rolls of film in the camera bag, and I wondered what was on them. There was also a roll in the camera. I have no idea what's on there. So, I shot the remainder of the roll, taking pictures of Ethan reading his book. I have no idea if they will come out or not. There's no way of knowing until you get the images back... it's kind of a fun surprise. I put another roll in and we went for a hike to do some letterboxing. I dropped the 6 rolls of film off at Sams, and can pick those up later today. It's kind of exciting. I can't wait to see what is on the film.

I also took the digi camera along while we letterboxed. Instant gratification and all. We had fun. Except for the mosquitoes. I think I was the only one who got bit. I must be tasty! We went to a park that I'd never been too. We only live about 3 miles from it. I said to my husband, "How did we not know this little gem was here." It's a fantastic little park. Walking paths thru the woods, a garden, a huge windmill that generates power for the building, and manual water pumps that the kids got a kick out of playing with. I did get pictures of those, but, with the film camera. Here are some shots I took with the digi camera:

Butterfly on a Butterfly Bush:

Love this sunflower:

The sun peaking thru the forest top:

Me stamping the Chrispea stamp in the letterbox journal:

This is a toad, can you find him? I wanted him closer to the toad stool, but he wouldn't cooperate.

Another baby toad:

I love frogs and toads.

Catch ya later.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just Finished Twilight

Oh, Spoiler alert if you're reading the book, don't read this paragraph:

Does that make me a "Twilighter"? The book was pretty good. I have to say, though, I thought The Host was better. More complex. However, I did enjoy Twilight... a quick read and very entertaining. I'm looking forward to the movie, and in this case, I think the movie will be better than the book (don't shoot me, it's just mho!). I've noticed they took a lot of liberties in the movie. For instance, when the book describes the Nomads, both guys had close cropped hair... in the movie, they both have long messy hair. And, in the movie trailer, Charlie says something like so and so got killed, looks like an animal did it. Well, no "human" was killed in the book. And the fight scene is completely different... first, she didn't spray mace in his face, she basically passed out, then woke up in the hospital and it was all over... I like the movie ending better where Edward rescues her, not his brother.

(spoiler over, commence reading)

And, I just read that the movie release of Twilight will be November 21, 2008 instead of the original Dec. 12 release date... and the sad part is, it's because Harry Potter won't be released until next summer. I was looking forward to both movies, so I'm kinda bummed.

Here's a couple of layouts I did last weekend. I've done nothing at all related to scrapping this weekend. I read a book, cleaned a bit and watched some movies. I think we're doing a mini hike today, looking for those other letterboxes. :)

Here's a LO where you had to scraplift yourself:

Here's the original:

And this layout, the challenge was 2 pieces of double sided paper, had to be on an angle and no embellies... OMG, no embellies?! That's like eating a cupcake without icing!! What's the point??? But, it turned out OK.

It's all the same paper line, K&Co. Wild Saffron... I bought a paper pad of it, so I have a ton.

Yesterday we went to Barnes & Noble, and I picked up the latest copy of Making Memories, and 2 of my blogging buddies are in there... Jenn Emch and Debbie Gaydos!! Congrats you guys! I'm so excited for you!!

Blog ya later!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just a card

I'm just going to pop this card up I did real quick... it is way too fat to put in the mail with that giant button... but, I thought it looked so cute.

The crop was extended until tomorrow, and I did 3 challenges, plus managed to do the HOF challenge over on the CK site. I would LOVE to win Ali's new book. If I don't win, I'll just have to order it. It's all about mini books.

Oh, speaking of minibooks, I finished my pie mini album.... I'll pop that picture up, too. Here ya go:

I got my goodie box from Scrap Trends when I got pubbed in the Mini Cards book. How fun! I heard a thump at the door, and ran to get the package... I figured it was either that or my kit from All Moments Remembered. I got some little goodies and 2 books. How fun to see your creation in a magazine. I encourage you to submit your stuff... you really have nothing to lose.

Have a great evening.... or morning, or afternoon, depending on where you are!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's CROP Day!!

The crop over at All Moments Remembered message board is today at 4 pm est. It's free to join, you don't have to buy anything, but you might have fun and get a RAK. This is a member sponsored crop. Normally, the DT does the monthly crop.

Also, if you do want to buy stuff... I just checked out the AMR store and wow, they are getting in new stuff from CHA already.... you might want to check it out! Cute stuff!!

So, here's my LO for the challenge, it's the 11 PM challenge....

I'm really loving scrapping these "old" pictures. My babies were so cute.... well, they still are, but you know what I mean.

I broke down from my scrap buying freeze and bought a pen last night... 2 actually. One is the American Crafts slick writer, medium sized, black, and the other was a Gelly Roll pen, in black... I thought maybe my hand writing would be better if I have a nice pen (wishful thinking).

We watched the opening ceremonies for the Olympics last night... it was amazing. Beautiful choreography. Stunning effects, the lighted suits, the guys running on the globe... it was so cool. The best opening ever, IMO.

The day is just too beautiful to stay inside. Perfectly blue sky today, gorgeous. I think I might take the kids out and do some Letterboxing. We've been talking about it for a while, and it's too nice of a day to waste indoors. Winter will be here before you know it, and we'll be stuck indoors.

Well, I'm off to pack a picnic lunch... I think it will be fun to do after we do the Letterboxing. Hope to see you at the crop.

Scrap ya later!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Some Sneaks....

All Moments Remembered is holding a crop on Saturday from 4 EST to midnight EST. I'm the 11 PM hostess, and I have a terrific challenge lined up. I did a layout for it and everything. It's my new favorite layout!

Here's a couple of sneak peaks:

Check back, I'll have the whole layout up on Saturday. : )

Ethan Update:

Got a call from the orthopedic doctor's office yesterday. They checked out his CT scans and everything is aligned perfectly. Yeah! I'm sooo glad he doesn't need surgery. We're thinking once he gets his cast off, to take a day drive up to Presque Isle at Lake Erie. It's pretty up there. Maybe we can even take our bikes up and ride around the lake. We need to do something before school starts, which will be the week right after that. Wow, can you believe the whole summer just flew by??

Have a good one!!

Monday, August 4, 2008