Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cast Off, Letterboxing

Ethan got his cast off yesterday. Poor guy, he can't unbend his arm. It's still very sore. He only had the cast on for 4 weeks. I have an excuse for him for gym class, he can't take gym for 4 weeks. I'm not really worried about gym as much as I am about recess and the monkey bars. He's a monkey, always climbing. I remember when he was around 18 months he scaled the banister at our old house. One day he was pretty far up there and my friend Carol started freaking out... I was like, "Ah, he does that all the time." Maybe I should put him in some gymnastic program, he could be one of the next Olympian gymnasts in 2020!

Here's Ethan waiting:

And the girl cutting his cast off:
Ouch, it hurts to unbend:

That was Monday, let's back up to Sunday.

Sunday, I picked up my film SLR Minolta camera. My baby... I remember buying her... we refinanced the house and was able to skip a house payment, so we bought her. She's been good to us. But, I've neglected her as of late, choosing my Olympus digi camera over her... I'm such a cheater. Too bad you can't just buy a part to convert cameras to digital.

I had 5 rolls of film in the camera bag, and I wondered what was on them. There was also a roll in the camera. I have no idea what's on there. So, I shot the remainder of the roll, taking pictures of Ethan reading his book. I have no idea if they will come out or not. There's no way of knowing until you get the images back... it's kind of a fun surprise. I put another roll in and we went for a hike to do some letterboxing. I dropped the 6 rolls of film off at Sams, and can pick those up later today. It's kind of exciting. I can't wait to see what is on the film.

I also took the digi camera along while we letterboxed. Instant gratification and all. We had fun. Except for the mosquitoes. I think I was the only one who got bit. I must be tasty! We went to a park that I'd never been too. We only live about 3 miles from it. I said to my husband, "How did we not know this little gem was here." It's a fantastic little park. Walking paths thru the woods, a garden, a huge windmill that generates power for the building, and manual water pumps that the kids got a kick out of playing with. I did get pictures of those, but, with the film camera. Here are some shots I took with the digi camera:

Butterfly on a Butterfly Bush:

Love this sunflower:

The sun peaking thru the forest top:

Me stamping the Chrispea stamp in the letterbox journal:

This is a toad, can you find him? I wanted him closer to the toad stool, but he wouldn't cooperate.

Another baby toad:

I love frogs and toads.

Catch ya later.


joscelyne cutchens said...

I love that you stamped chrispea! :)
and that you use versafine *my favorite ink!

yay for getting the cast off, I hope he is able to move it around soon. My girlfriend's hubby just broke his elbow playing rugby, and I thought of you.

by the way. frogs and toads?! yuck. unless they are animated, stuffed or stamps. real=yuck!

Stacy said...

Yay! Glad he got the cast off!

Jenn said...

I am sure he loves having the cast off his arm! Great pics and I hope the pics left in the camera turn out too!

June said...

Not sure how I got my blog that wide...might be in the type of template I used...Sometimes I think my is too wide, especially after seeing the thinner ones...

Marfa said...

I didn't realize what it was like to get a cast off!
Cute little toad or frog...

angie worthington said...

yay for ethan gettig the cast off!...awesome pics today!...make sure to stop by my blog!...

Amy L said...

Love your photos!

Pamela said...

I am sure it is nice to have the cast off. LOVE the photos!