Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sneak Peek, Belated Thank You's & The Dark Side

First another sneak from AMR's September kit... I believe the reveal is September 1st. Good things happen on September 1st. That's my baby's birthday.

Here's a little something I made from the kit.... there is a ton of yummy stuff left over. I didn't even crack open the one package, and I really wanted to.

Just love, love, love that Heather Bailey paper!! And the felt flowers... those are yummy.

Ok, now on to my belated thank you's. Recently I received 2 blog awards.

This one from Angie, she and I both have DD's about the same age... so we're dealing with similar issues of preteen & "new" teen girls! Thanks Angie!!

And this one from Patti, who just also happens to be my scrap-pal! ;-) Hey Patti! Thanks!

I am supposed to find 7 people to give these awards to, but, truth be told, I think these awards have already gone around the world and back, twice. Everyone has them on their blogs already. I'm still honored to have gotten them... it's just that everyone I want to give the awards to seems to already have it, which is the reason for the delay of the thank you's... I've been searching for people who haven't gotten it yet, but no luck.

Instead, I'll share a few blogs that I go to when Mr. Mojo is hiding from me! Love to go to Mojoholder and get a sketch and also look at the fantastic samples. Scrapmojo has fun challenges. How Much is Too Much is a challenge site to use up your stuff in your stash. Other sketch places that I've turned to on a few occasions is Pencil Lines and Page Maps. They just give me a kick start. Sometimes I use the exact sketch, sometimes I just use an idea from it. Whatever works.

Oh, I mentioned the “dark side” in my title... well, after being blond for awhile, I decided to go a little darker. Apparently, my interpretation of “a little” and my hairdressers are completely different. Maybe I should have said caramel instead of chocolate:

She said it will fade a bit... let's hope so... I just realized that my drivers license expires in 20 days! I don't really want this dark hair on my license for the next 4 years, because I'm sure I'll be blond again in a few months.

Have a great weekend! I'm off to do something scrappy, if I can locate Mr. Mojo!


Kristin said...

Congrats on the guest designer gig! I thik your hair looks nice that color, but if you are realy interested in fading it fast....wash with Patene. Works like a charm, can you tell that I have, "been there, done that"
:-) Good Luck!

Jenn said...

Chris, your peaks looks amazing! I can't wait til we can see the entire layout!

Em said...

Gorgeous peaks. Me too, looking forward to seeing the whole layout.

I am also thinking of going to I brve enough??? I don't know yet LOL