Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fun Stuff

I'll have scrappy sneaks tomorrow, I promise. It was too dark to take photos when I finished my last kit layout.

I have something fun for you to try, tho. Here you can test your color IQ.

Here's what I got:

Hey, it's a good thing that I have perfect color vision, or I might have to retire from my current position! LOL! I'm going to make my DH do this... I hear men are slightly color blind, so I'm hopin' to one up him! ;-) All in fun, all in fun.

(on this test you want to score low!)

Have a fun weekend!


inara said...

I got 15. It made my eyes sting but it was fun.

Erica Hettwer said...

I got zero!! Yeah, baby! I guess all those years of playing with DMC floss finally paid off! (Granny and mom taught me to cross-stitch in the 4th grade.)

sssalad said...

That was a fun test - but I didn't do so hot! I got 78. :( Guess i better work on the color stuff a bit more.