Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How You Doin'?

Said in your best Joey Tribbiani voice.

So, how are you doing with the Document a Week in Your Life project? Are you doing it? I have to say, I had a super boring, but productive, day. I worked a lot. I talked on the phone — a lot... I don't like to talk on the phone too much. I prefer email. But, sometimes you just gotta. And, that was about it. Now I think I'll watch a little TV.

Here are a couple of pictures from my day:

The phone that I use for work ~

Here is the journal that I'm going to use, and some ideas on how I'm going to lay it out. The journal flips back and forth kind of like the one Tim Holtz showed on his blog here... and it has 28 pages, so I figured 4 pages per day. So that's 8 sides.

My lunch... a BLT with mayo. Not a huge fan of mayo, but a must have on BLTs. Tomato was from my garden.

Since I was super busy with work, I made a quickie dinner of pierogies and kielbasa.
My son is allergic to milk that's why we have So Delicious SOY ice cream. Not the he gets a belly ache allergic, but the he can't breath anaphylactic shock kind of allergic. He's also allergic to eggs and especially peanuts. He's my soy boy.

Here is my big girl doing her evening chore, which she hates... typical almost teen. It's blurry because she didn't want her picture taken, too bad ;)

That's it, that was my day.

How was yours??


Marilyn said...

I love your plan for your Ali project, you are so organized!! I am still working on my "plan", and trust me, my day was REALLY boring! I gotta say, I am not a huge mayo fan either, and I was just telling my mom yesterday, it is a must for BLTs, how funny is that?!

Debbie Gaydos said...

COOL pictures! But I love mayo... LOL!

Hey, I didn't know you had a food-allergic kiddo also!! My Ryan is severely peanut-allergic. Like, we don't go anywhere without an epi-pen allergic. He had a trip to the ER by ambulance from school his kindy year to prove it, too (after the principal used the epipen on him, thankfully we had fully educated her!).

Hey, if you're interested, check out the contest we have going on at Allyscraps (info and link from my blog) - you'd be perfect for it!! :)

angie worthington said...

love the pics!...this is turning out to be alot of fun...i took over 200 pics today!!!...just updated my blog with a few...

still trying to figure out the format i want to use....