Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Whole Lotta Birthday's Going On

September is a busy month for my family. Everyone was born in September... except my dad. He's in October. Emma was the 1st, my mom the 13th, me the 18th, my brother today the 21st. Throw in some friends ~ Theresa the 6th and Amy the 10th... and by the end of the month I'm exhausted. I was so happy to have Emma in September because I love the birthstone... it's a sapphire.

My dear hubby scrapped me a card! It was funny... he asked if he could use my scrap supplies to make me a card.... and my reply? "Absolutely not!" I mean, what if he used my brand new favorite piece of paper? Or that cute embellie that I've been saving? Then I thought, why not let him.... I'll just tell him what he can use. So, I handed him an old CK kit that had more than one sheet of each pattern in it. Here's what he came up with:

Isn't it cute? Not bad for a first timer!! And how sweet that he made me a card. He also baked me a triple chocolate's so rich, but oh so good. Yep, he's a keeper. (He also admitted that scrapping and card making is harder than it looks!)

Yesterday we went to the in-laws to have more cake... ugh... and she bought a cookie cake for the kids... and we brought it all home. So, I have 2 cakes and a giant chocolate chip cookie.... real good for my hips.

Someone on one of the message boards asked the question if you do anything else crafty, like sewing or what not... and yep, I do. I made this fall wreath a few years ago:

I saw something similar at Michael's and it was $42... this was probably 10 years ago... and I thought, I can make that. I bought all the stuff and put it neatly in a rubbermaid container for about 4 years, then I finally decided to make it. So, scrappers aren't the only type of crafter that buys something then doesn't use it for 4 years.

I decided that I could put up my fall wreath a day early. Tommorrow is officially fall. I love it. Love fall. Love the nice sleeping weather.

Here's my door, in a lovely fall shade of olive green:

I have a farm thing going on... got those ladderback chairs at Goodwill I believe. We were driving by and I saw them sitting outside and asked Matt to stop. He hates Goodwill or any kind of junk shop, but, he loves me so he stopped. They were a strange brown color. I painted them black, and they look cute on our porch. I'm so glad our house has a front porch. Our first house did and I would have totally missed having one. We're in a really new neighborhood, and front porches are rather scarce.

On another note, I spent yesterday evening watching this new HBO show called True Blood based on the book series by Charlaine Harris. We have OnDemand, so we were able to watch the first 2 episodes, and I love it. It reminds me a lot of Twilight. Get my vampire fix before the Twilight movie. I might even pick up the Charlaine Harris book Dead Until Dark (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 1). I've always loved romance novels and vampires... what more could you ask for? The new show airs tonight at 9... and the show's creator is Alan Ball who did Six Feet Under... it's funny, witty and sexy. (yes, put the kiddos to bed before you watch the show.) If you enjoyed Twilight give this series a try.

I'm working on my kit... it's so exciting, very fallish. I've made one altered item, one layout and started on a minibook. I need to print out my journaling for that, then I can put it together.

Have a great weekend. Scrap ya later!


laverneboese said...

Oh I love that new series True Blood. I can't wait to watch it tonight. The intro to the show, with all the graphic pictures is a little bizarre, but I'm totally hooked on that show. Tonight should be pretty good!

joscelyne cutchens said...

Hey Lady, I hope your birthday was happy! :) I don't like how it says "kihei, HI" when I stop by. Kihei is on maui and I'm in Honolulu, HI!

yay for card making hubbies and I can so relate to the phrase" I can do that!" and plunking down the money for supplies to prove that you were right, you did do that! :)

Debbie Gaydos said...

He made you a chocolate cake, AND scrapped you a card?? Can my hubby start hanging out with your hubby?? ROFL! The card looks great, he's obviously a natural!

I have totally done the same thing - looked at something and decided to make it myself instead of buying it! (Of course, sometimes when I do that, the stuff sits around for 4 years, LOL!!) That wreath is beautiful!

Debbie said...

Wow!! I'm impressed with your hubby's card!! he did a fabulous job!!! And cake too!! You should keep him!!!

Love the wreath! It's gorgeous!!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

good morning!
oh i love this post! your husband's card is the sweetest thing ever. i found his website in your sidebar. you are both so talented!
have a wonderful day!
:) melissa

Kristin said...

You are too funny...thanks for the love but I wouldn't hold your breath, lol! I don't know if I told you or not that I love your new avatar pic. It's starting to get a bit more fall here too. We are heading to our first PSU football game this weekend so hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Pamela said...

Hubby did a good job with the cute is that that he made you a card...I doubt my hubby would ever do that. :) You got yourself a keeper.