Friday, October 10, 2008

Ack.... I'm swamped

So, why the heck am I posting on my blog???

It's called procrastination.

Plus my work project is soooo boring, it's a proposal, and the guy I'm working with is so unorganized, and writes so small.... seriously people when you give me changes on a project could you type it so I can read it. Now I have to type everything in. I type fast, that's not the problem, I just can't read this dude's handwriting.

So, after I finish my project, I might take on this challenge, because I just don't have enough on my crafty plate. Check it out, it's on the All Moments Remembered Board, and it's a challenge to use photos in a sequence to tell a story. Really cool concept.

Here's the link to the challenge. No prize involved, but you can challenge yourself.

If you're looking for prizes & RAKS, All Moments Remembered is having an online crop tomorrow starting at 4 pm est. They're always fun, and there are challenges from AMR and some of the board members. It's always fun.

Emma had a swim meet yesterday. I went to get some filler photos my Ali book, the Document a Week in Your Life.... I discovered that my camera has a drive that lets me shoot like I have an SLR... I am beyond thrilled. We've had this camera for 2+ years. How funny. And there is also a white balance setting that is awesome for taking out the ugly yellow when you take pictures indoors.

Ooops, off topic, anyway, these photos would be perfect for Heather's challenge on the AMR board:

Gettin' ready:

for kick off:

Doin' the backstroke:

go Emma!

Woo hoo!! She placed third, lane six.

Hey, not bad for never ever swimming competivitly before. Her first year.

Well, back to work, I guess.... Fridays should be held strictly for fun and relaxation. We should have 3 day weekends, don't ya think???

Have a great weekend!!


joscelyne cutchens said...

YAY emma! :) I was a backstroker too! I swam from 4th grade til my senior year in HS.

Jingle said...

Good for her!!! Those would be perfect pics for Heather's challenge!

angie worthington said...

congrats to emma, that is awesome!...great pictures!

isn't it great to get surprises like the one you discovered on your camera? it!...

joscelyne cutchens said...

me again.
Hello Lady... ;)
Did you know, I love your blog