Sunday, October 5, 2008

All Done....

...with the photo taking part of Ali's Week in the Life. I'd like to get a shot of the living room and our mail that we, or should I say Matt, stacks on the island in the kitchen.

I pulled out some scrap stuff that I want to use in this album. A lot of 7 Gypsies stuff. I'm going to keep it neutral in color. Use tags, maybe some paint, and labels... stuff like that.

Here are a couple of photos to share:

A view from above. (See the pug on the rug? LOL!)

Louie with his handkerchief on after his bath.

Little beggar here. No drool yet. Sometimes she makes these big bubbles on the sides of her jowls... it's hilarious. I've always had pugs, so this drooling thing is new for us. (pugs don't drool, at least mine didn't)

3 PM snack, this was on Friday.

Went to the Liquor Store on Friday. You can't buy wine in the grocery store in Pennsylvania.

The biggest bluest jaw breaker ever! This is what Ethan spent his field trip money on.

Emma got her new glasses, but had to go home without the contacts... she couldn't get them in her eyes. We'll try again next Friday.

That's it for now. Blog ya later!


Debbie Gaydos said...

OK, you just made me want DQ. LOL! I'm blaming you if I sneak a trip through the drive-thru on my way home today. WOW is that a big blue jawbreaker! Her glasses look great... hope you can work out the problem with the contacts. Did anyone look at you funny, taking pictures of the booze? LOL!

sssalad said...

Wow - that cone looked sooooo good! Thats funny - I took a picture of Culvers ice cream with my cell phone for my week in the life! haha
I am sure your album will look really good when you get all done!