Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 5 for Me

Doing the Document A Week in Your Life. Yep, I've been taking photos since last Friday. I might skip last Friday and use this Friday since we didn't do much last week.

Here are a few shots from the day.

Ethan getting on the bus, those are his legs in shorts today, even though it was only 58° this morning:

We were going to drive to my dad's house and get him some groceries, but our car had other plans... it decided to leak.... see the trail behind the little silver car? Yep that's ours:

Luckily, we just made it to the mechanics, we weren't too far from them. But, we had to walk home since we were together. I called my dad to cancel, I'll have to do that Friday.

But first, before the walk home, why not stop at the coffee shop and have some breakfast:

On the walk home, which is about 3 miles, which is why it is OK to eat a ham, egg and cheese crossaint, I saw these, they are walnuts:

We had a fabulous dinner. Fettucine Alfredo with bacon and fresh chopped tomatoes. Oh the calories. Did I mention I walked 3 miles today?

Ethan can't eat cheese, so he had some marinara sauce:

Matt made this awesome Italian style bread... it was delicious. Did I mention I walked 3 miles today?

I'm really tired. I wonder if it's because I walked 3 miles today. ;)


Heather Prins said...

the pics are great!!

angie worthington said...

all of your pics are great!!! all of the food ones and you WALKED 3 miles, lol....i would keep telling myself the same thing....

sorry about your car!...

enjoy your dinner tonight a chili's...

joscelyne cutchens said...

love your pictures! I have never seen walnuts like that before!:)

Nicole P said...

Ahh, there's the fishy plates!! That's funny. You know I got those at a yard sale. They were still in the package for like $1 or something.