Saturday, October 11, 2008

I did something crafty today

It didn't take me very long... I did this card for my dad:

Matt drew the owl, and I cut it out on the Silhouette. My dad told me I didn't know how to spell "who"... I said the owl's talkin'... get it... hoo, hoo!

We took down some food and a cake and cupcakes. The kids wanted the cupcakes. We ate lunch, my dad opened his gifts, we had some cake... it was a nice quiet day. I hope my dad is OK... he doesn't talk much. It was his first birthday without mom. I tried to make it special. He's not the kind of guy who wants fussed over, and he'd shoot me if I threw him a party... so this nice laid back day was hopefully nice for him.

He lives in the country... and wow is it gorgeous there. The leaves are changing already.... seems too soon.

Wow, it was a beautiful day. I hope tomorrow is just as nice. Here are some shots I took while at my dad's house. These are wild rosehips:

This is joe pie weed. It used to be pink, now it's turning brown. When I was little, being the crafty little kid that I was always making things... I'd take these dried out stalks, which are hollow, and form spoons and forks with them. Great for mixing up mud pies.

A rock in my dad's creek. So pretty with the light and the moss on it.

Here's the lane my dad lives on. This goes back to one other house. I guess I should have said he lives in the woods. But, it's not that deep in the woods. There is a corn field right across, and one behind him thru the woods. Many a morning we'd wake up with cows in our yard.

And this is Sophie... I was playing with my camera settings, getting a close up shot:

Well, I've got Sat, Sun, Mon and part of Tues of the "Document a Week" laid out. I was thinking of printing out the photos and playing a bit with the Saturday layout. It's too late here right now. 11 PM. I think I'll wait until tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

i love the card you made and your day looks just beautiful. happy birthday to your dad!
:) melissa and emmitt

angie worthington said...

the card you made for your Dad is awesome...i am so glad that the visit went sure got some beautiful pics!....

tigardlilly said...

Poor Sophie; you should know better than to take a close up when a girl hasn't had a chance to wax her upper lip!

Anonymous said...

Great pics at your dad's house! Those hollowed out plants--we call it fake bamboo! LOL!


joscelyne cutchens said...

Good Morning Lady! :) I was looking at the card thinking, that's a cute owl... looks familiar, duh! Cute card!
I love the shots of the lane and the dog nose. LOVE!
I'm currently working on printing Friday's pics from my week long project. I printed on matte photo paper, but secretly wishing I could outsource the printing. ha ha.

sssalad said...

I loved your spoon and fork story - what a great memory! Keep that in the back of your mind in case you need it for Jessica Sprague's story class (are you taking that one? I can't remember). I also love the dog pics - gotta love sweet pet portraits!