Sunday, June 29, 2008

2 Disney Layouts

Wow, this week went fast. I go on vacation for a few days, and I come back and I'm swamped with work. A project that I've been working on since late February is finally going to print. It's a driving manual for FedEx and it has 268 pages, plus a 16 page test booklet. It was supposed to be done on Wednesday. However, we discovered that this book goes not only all over the U.S., but also Canada... and, they use the metric system... so I had to go thru all 280 pages, and do conversions.... that was fun (NOT!)

That's why I've been MIA. Even tho I've been working my fingers to the bone, I managed to crank out 2 layouts... both have pictures from our Disney trip.

The first is a LO for a challenge on All Moments Remembered. It seems the only way I get any scrapping done is if I do it for a challenge or a call. Haven't done too many calls lately. This was for Sandy's challenge and you had to use multiple photos and one had to be in black and white. So, I did a sepia tone on the kids, but left the checkers red so they'd pop.

And this second layout I did for Jenn's challenge at AMR. Her challenge was to use a themed paper for an everyday layout. The purple paper on the layout came from a cheapie Thanksgiving kit. I used some Disney photos from Epcot... Morocco. I wish I would have taken photos of the food that we ate... but I was too hungry to stop and take photos!!

I loved Epcot, it was my favorite part of Disney. I'd like to go back and spend 2 more days there!! Just at Epcot.

That's it for now... Have a great weekend.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

We're Back!!

Wow, I need a vacation from my vacation!! We went to Disney World in Florida! We had a blast. So much to see and do. Everyday was a full day. It will be nice to go back to work and sit on my butt all day! LOL!

I came back to so much good scrappy mail! What a treat. I got my ATC's from the All Moments Remembered drink swap. These little cards are so cute.

Look at my haul:

And check out this one by Jessica - she went that extra mile, I love it!

And here's the little outside cover, it's just the cutest thing:

The other package I got was filled with Hawaiian goodness, thanks to Joscie! She is so sweet. This was to thank me for hosting Flat Joscie:

She sent me some macadamia nut caramel chocolates, Hawaiian coffee and some macadamia nut kisses, YUM!

And these, just cracked me up!

And then she made me this adorable hand carved "Chrispea" stamp, I love it!!

We did take Flat Joscie to Disney with us. She just loved flying! Here are some photos of FJ in Disney:

Here she is in Magic Kingdom in front of the Castle:

And at Epcot:

Where we gorged ourselves on delicacies from around the world at Epcot's World Showcase. Here's a picture of FJ in a gift shop in Paris. Looking at all the souvenirs, we were famished again! So, we ate some French pastries that were to die for! Chocolate ├ęclairs, chocolate cake and a huge Napoleon, which is yummy custard filled layers between flaky pastry. Magnifique!

Notice the Van Gogh behind her? The impressionistic period is my favorite period in art. I often want to take off my glasses (I'm very myopic) and paint half blind! LOL! I'm sure it would look very impressionistic when I'm finished!

Have a wonderful scrappy weekend!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Few Days Off & A Layout to Share

I will be on hiatus for a few days... taking some time off to have some fun.... I'll have lots to scrap about when I come back. I thought I'd leave you with this... it's a layout I did last week for the crop challenge. The challenge was to use a pocket on our layout. To make my pocket, I used a wide piece of ribbon and actually sewed it on to the paper. One of the other challenges was to make a tag out of something you had lying around the house. I had this Martha Stewart paint chip... so I cut that into a tag shape then embellished it. I loved how the tag turned out, so I used it for my LO and for something to be in the pocket... I didn't want the pocket to be big, because then the tag would get covered up... with the pocket being shallow, it still serves its purpose of holding the tag, but, the tag also became a part of the layout.

The Martha Stewart paint chip also ended up being the color palette. I like how it turned out... and I softened my big photo by de-saturating it a bit, then, with that layer over the original, I let some color peek thru.

Here's the layout:

Here's a close up of the tag coming out of the pocket:

Layered flower:

Here's a close up of the butterfly:

And, here's the tag:

I had fun making that... but, I didn't get many challenges done, since I scrap so darn slow!

See ya in a few! Take care!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Flat Joscie ~ Part 2

I took Flat Joscie out on the town yesterday... the first picture is downtown Greensburg, the courthouse is in the background... that's the big attraction around here, lots of lawyers. Next, we stopped off at DV8, a local coffee house and art gallery. There's a local artist that does the sign sculpture for some shops here in town. (my DD is under the sign holding F.J.) The coffee shop is a pretty cool place to hang out, good coffee, too. Then, we went to Art Tech Supply... funny little building in the middle of all the old buildings. It used to be a camera place.

Once inside Art Tech, Joscie spotted these Zig double tipped markers on sale.... I showed her the paper. Lots of paper... this place is crammed with goodies. I picked up the new Tinkering Ink Peek-A-Boo album to play with. It's adorable. It has sheets of acrylic sandwiched between shaped chipboard pages.

On Tuesday night, we took F.J. out to the ball game. We had a blast, even tho we lost by one stinkin' point. 7 home runs in that game. 4 from Washington, 3 from Pittsburgh... it was a great game.

It was very windy, and the game had a rain delay, but the rain clouds blew away, and the night turned out perfect.

There we are in front of PNC Park, touted as one of the nicest ballparks in the U.S. This last photo shows F.J. in a bronze cast of Barry Bonds baseball glove.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Flat Joscie is in Da House

Yesterday, as we pulled in our driveway after running errands, my DH noticed a box in front of the garage door... odd place, because usually the post lady puts boxes on our front porch. DH immediately said it must be from one of your scrappy friends! I jumped out of the car and ran to the box, and it was from Vancouver! I knew then that Flat Joscie had arrived early! How fun! Let the adventure begin!

Yesterday, Flat Joscie just wanted to relax after her trip across the United States. But first thing this morning, I told her we had a busy day. I had to work, go to the post office, then go to a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game with some very important business clients... so, we got started. I know, tough to be me, going to a baseball game for work, all paid for, in the Dominion box, with a free parking pass. Of course, Joscie is invited!!

Here is what we've done so far today.

She arrived safely in the nice box that Liz Ness sent {along with a little gift for me : )}, all snug and cushioned. Flat Joscie went to work with me this morning, which is just a few steps away from my kitchen, into the office... she gave me some art direction on a project and also decided that she very much liked this particular blue from my Pantone swatch book.

Stay tuned as the adventure continues... right now, Flat Joscie is reminding me that I have 3 projects to finish!

Monday, June 9, 2008

AMR's Weekend Crop

I had fun at the All Moments Remembered monthly MB crop. I am NOT a fast scrapper. So, I only managed to do 3 challenges. I was totally whipped. I felt like I worked a full day!! My first layout I started Saturday evening around 8 ish, and finished it around 1am. So, that's 5 hours, but, some of that was spent on the internet chatting on the board. I had the laptop in my scrap room with me. We just got it back, so I was testing it out. I like having it in there, but that monitor blows. UGH, I'm so spoiled with this nice monitor I have with my new iMac. The laptop is an older iBook, but we just had it's engine overhauled.

One of the challenges was to make a mini matchbook album using a Hambly overlay. I had the owl one, so here's what I came up with... it's titled "hoo r u?" and each pages shows who my daughter is:


Here's the inside cover when you lift the overlay, apparently I'm a day ahead of myself, I stamped the date yesterday, but it's today's date... oh well, close enough!

I used the K&Co. Wild Saffron paper, 7 gypsies book binding tape to cover my staples, the Hambly overlay, some Basic Grey Rubons, and the Wild Saffron journaling spots.

Here are the inside pages:

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. That's one reason why I like crops, I would have never done this on my own. But, I'm glad I did. I love it, my DD loves it.

Have a happy day!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Today's the Day-AMR Crop

Today is the All Moments Remembered crop, 4 pm EST. Can't wait. I need a little push to use up some of my scrappy stash. I have EVERYTHING in my stash that is on the crop list! Can you imagine? I must shop a lot! ;-)

Flat Joscie is on her way to Pennsylvania! Yep! I can't wait to meet Flat Joscie IRL! LOL! She was just visiting Liz Ness, and I'm next. I'll be taking Joscie with me to Disney World! She totally came at the right time! What a fun time we will have. Here's Joscie:

I was playing with Flickr this morning... I discover something new about it everyday... I think it's so cool. I took a photo and was able to edit it. It came out pretty good, not as good as photoshop, but for redeye, it works wonders.

I also made my first mosaic... I know, a little late on the mosaic band wagon. I thought maybe I'd do a photo walk then make a mosaic of what I saw. It's super hot, so I might not do that today, I'll stay in where it's cool... I'm such a wimp!

Here's my first mosaic that I did, it's of my Basic Grey bracket album mini book:

Here's the cover:

You may have seen this already on 2 ps, or in the AMR gallery, but I was just playing with Mosaic... it's a great way to get your mini albums pages into one space.

Stay cool! ; )

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Added a Purple Paw

While I was "blurfing" today (blog surfing), I came across someone's blog who had an Animal Rescue site jelly button. I clicked on it, because I wanted the shiny button on my blog, too, plus if you just click, you will donate food to animals in shelters. Wow! What could be easier. And it's FREE!!

Also, there is Breast Cancer, Hunger, Child Health, Literacy and the Rainforest... I clicked them all. Why not? It's free! And for a great cause. Just scroll down the right side of my blog and click on the purple paw.

If you'd like a purple paw of your own, click here.

No time for fun stuff today, gotta work so I can feed my fur babies, and real babies!!

Have a super day!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pink Paislee Layout

I'm working on a tutorial for good use of white space. I saw a layout the other day that tried to use white space, however, everything was just floating around. It needed pulled together. I'm going to do the same layout using the same size elements, but 2 different ways. Almost like the redo in CK, but I'll be using the same paper and same elements, just rearranging everything.

Also, there has been a lot of talk on both boards I frequent about color. How to choose colors that go together. I always take it for granted... I can just look at colors and know if they work. That may come from instinct or the fact that I have 20 years of graphic design experience, or a little of both. When first starting out as a graphic designer, I remember my art director showing me how he picked colors. He'd use a pantone book, fan it out, pick a color that he liked, then look thru it to find another color that went with it. Of course we both had studied the principals behind the color wheel. Primary, secondary, monochromatic, complimentary, etc. .... I'll try to do a crash course to help choose colors for scrapbook pages, or cards, or walls, anything really. The same principals apply.

Here's a page I did using the Pink Paislee paper that I bought at the big scrapbook store. I used complimentary colors of orange and blue. Technically, this would be called using "split complimentary" since I used a shade of blue, but, we'll save that for later.

My pug Louie. His name on his AKC registration is Precious King Louis - because we bought him from Precious Pets pug breeder. By the way, please don't ever buy a dog from a pet store. Either go to a reputable breeder or adopt a dog from a local shelter... and as Bob Barker says, don't forget to spay and neuter!

On Memorial Day, we went to see Indiana Jones. We got there really early, and since Michael's was in the same plaza, why not waste a half hour there. Absolutely nothing was on sale.... but, I did manage to buy a few things, some tape refills, and I ran across these little guys, aren't they the cutest:

I just love those owls. And for 99 cents, who could resist?

Have a super day!!