Monday, January 12, 2009

We Have A Winner!! & A Layout

Happy Monday!! We have a winner, and her name is ANGIE!! Woo-hoo congrats Angie! You were #3 out of 25 and picked your lucky number! I'll mail that out sometime this week.

Congrats Angie!!

Wonderful, fun, super crazy, change your avatar every 2 hours - online crop at All Moments Remembered this past weekend. I managed to do a few challenges.

Here's one... it was to do a layout based on an ad.

Here's the ad:

And, my interpretation of the ad:

Love my pointy shoes! Yes, those are mine. I took photos of my boots and shoes in my bathtub... the whitest place in my house. Then, I dropped out the background in photoshop, put them on a gray background, then I made a vignetted layer of white over the gray, so the shoes/boots would pop. Just a fun layout.

(edited to add:) My husband thought my boot/shoe photos looked really professional (thank you honey)... so I thought I'd post the before picture of them in my tub.

Great white seamless background! ;)

I'll be working hard today on the Creative Charms catalog... maybe even give you a sneak peak!

Have a happy Monday!!


Jingle said...

Woo-Hoo!!! Yay for Angie! You already know I love that layout...AND those shoes! LOL!

Rachel said...

Congrats Angie!!

Love the layout! What a great idea to photograph something in the tub. Never thought of that.

Love the shoes! They're HOT!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

That is a fabulous layout!

Elizabeth said...

Congrats!! Angie

Love the shoes!!!!

Marfa said...

Classy shoes and boots...what a great idea to take photos in the bathtub...naturally light and all white background! I love how you lifted the design from the ad for your layout!!!

angie worthington said...

YAY!!!...thanks, chris!!!!, it is really hard to decide which i love the best, the shoes or the layout- both are awesome!!!...

Debbie Gaydos said...

Now that's just brilliant! Too bad our bathtub is an ugly pink (oh, I think I'm supposed to call it "salmon", LOL).

Kim said...

Hey the bathtub!!! Now why didn't I think of is genius, perfect infinity curve. I am SO going to steal that idea :)

FAB! L.O & super FAB! boots. They have attitude all over them.

Big congrats to your RAK winner!

Kristin said...

Oh my gosh....the bathtub? I can't believe you thought of that! What a FANTASTIC idea!