Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Favorites & An Easter Card

Yippee!! It's Friday.

I've found some cool new stuff that I'd like to share.

First, I don't know about you, but I'm finding it really hard to organize my letter stickers, like Thickers, and other sheets like this. I had them on rings, but I find instead of putting them back up, I'm throwing them on the floor. And, well, the floor is not an ideal storage space.

I found these cool new Cropper Hopper sticker storage bins... and bonus, they really don't cost that much. I'm thinking with a 40% off coupon, they'd be super affordable!
cropper hopper

Looks like they'd be really easy to flip thru.

I also found a brand spankin' new scrapbook paper company... Lilly Bee Design. Well, they're new to me... but what I like is the shaped papers they offer... really nice.

What do you think? I know, we all have tons of paper, but, I like to look!! Kinda like window shopping.

I made an Easter Card. Yep, I did. AND, I stamped. Yep, I did.... and I am not a stamper. Not at all. I stink at it. Mostly because I don't have the patience. But, I did OK on this. I'm happy with it. The patterned paper is the new Imaginese Twitterpaited that I got in my Ally Scraps order. I added a few gems to add some sparkle.
Easter Card
Easter Card Cu

That's it for now. Hope you have a creative weekend!


Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

cool card!
lovin that storage find!!!
I am thinkin I need :)

Jingle said...

I may have to look at those CH storage boxes for stickers, too. I just converted mine to a basket and I like the general format, but that is a lot nicer, cleaner look. Plus, then I could move my chipboard collection to my basket...oh organization woes! LOL!

obxpatti said...

LOVE those storage boxes! I'm going to look for some.
I also love your card. Very pretty and spring-like :)

ScRaPbOoKfReNzY said...

I really need to look into getting at least one of those storage things. I have part of my letter stickers in a tub and the ones that are too big are in a magazine file holder. I've recently found that new paper company. Did you know those sheets are 12x12 with 4 of the shaped papers on them? I thought that was pretty cool. :)

Marfa said...

I know what you mean...I have enough stuff to work with, but LOVE looking at the new stuff...all those shaped papers are tempting!

Kristin said...

This is an awesome card! As far as storing letters, I have a clear plastic bin that I got at office max. It fits my Thickers perfectly on their side and then I can flip through to see what letters I have. So far so good but I have eyed these storage things up too.

Amy said...

love those storage bins ~ my floor doesn't work either :) LOL! love lily bee, too ~ i'm a sucker for shapes! cute card! :)