Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Release Your Inner Dork...

Because, what have you got to lose? So, fess up, how many of you have seen Star Trek?


You haven't seen it yet?

Well, besides the awesome story line, the spectacular special effects and edge of your seat fight scenes... how about this reason....


Oh yeah! Meet Captain James Tiberious Kirk, aka Chris Pine... soooo easy on the eyes!

Spock, aka Sylar from Heroes, aka Zachary Quinto shares a steamy kiss with Uhura. Great movie!! You must see it... then, you must collect these...

star trek glasses

I got all four (obviously, duh, I took a picture of them! LOL!)... so it's official, I'm a dork!

Besides being a dork, and watching scifi movies, I also dabble in scrapbooking occasionally. Here's a layout I did using the new Bo Bunny Abby Road papers I got from Ally Scraps... aren't they gorgeous? Double sided, too.

CH_Messy Delight

I used the Abby Road sticker sheet for the big swirls and the border swirls. They were really easy to work with, not turning in on themselves and sticking together. The bigger font is American Crafts Puffy Stickers - Umbrella - Cricket (that's green) and the blue font that I layered on top is Doodlebug Design - Loopy Letters.

Here are a couple of close ups for your enjoyment...;)
CH_Messy Delight_cu1

CH_Messy Delight_cu2

This layout is my new favorite. Just love the photos of Emma at 18 months. I can't believe she will be 13 in a few months. YIKES!

That's it for now... remember to release your inner dork... live long and prosper!


Elizabeth said...

lol..i adore you and your dorkiness. I'm more of a Harry Portter/Star Wars dork..Tony on the other hand loves Star Trek. We haven't seen it yet though. Love the LO and those letters. :)

Christie said...

I loved Star Trek!!! And the new Kirk is a Hunk with a capital H! (Does anyone still say hunk? lol!) He can beam me up anytime. :] Your layout is adorable. Love the colors.

scrapbookobsession said...

Chris Pine is a cutie. Did you know he is the son of the Sgt. on CHiPs? I love your layout...such wonderful colors and you pulled it all together perfectly. Oh, to have such talent as you!
{Hugz} ~Erika

Colleen said...

OK, I'm not a Star Trek dork, but I can make up for the my lack of dorkiness there in many other areas! lol

Fabulous layout!!

Jocelyn said...

I Love the LO, great placement of the title and the colors are soooo perfect!!! What an adorable little one and great pics!!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such great comments!!! Have a great weekend!

sabrina/the1scrappinmomma said...

I will gladly stand up and say that I am a Star Trek dork too! I love Star Trek but since my hubby does not it's on the bottom of the list for what we'll watch. Maybe when I visit my parents I can go with my dad instead!

Drea said...

Oh Girl...........I loved Star Trek but I also LOVED Terminator Salvation. That Sam Worthington was just YUM!!

Anyway..........I totally relate with your Geekiness!! I'm soo with you!

Lovin' your Bo Bunny creations!! Great job!

Kim Watson said...

Hahaha! Chris...from one Trekkie dork to another.....I think that movie ROCKED!!! I am an avid sci-fi fan...& my bloke & I watch them wars, battle star galactica etc etc...but this is where I'll stop before I completely through my name away.

Loving your newest pages...the photos, colours, printed papers & oh just everything about them are SO cute. Great job!!

Have a super day hun!!