Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stuff in your pockets...

I'm doing the challenge 365, a photo a day, and I have been faithful for 177 days!! Today is 178, but I haven’t taken any pictures... yet. :)

One day, May 26, 2009 to be exact, (great advantage of digital photos, they're dated!) I was washing laundry. I checked the pockets of my son’s jeans, and found quite an array of things in his pocket. 2 flattened pennies from the railroad tracks, candy wrapper, a piece of wood (?) and a used band aid (ewww!).

That was the “stuff” I found in my son’s pockets. The making of a great scrapbook page!


I got the new June digital kit from Crystal Wilkerson and finally downloaded it and started to play!! Wow, love this kit. Crystal has hooked up with none other than Jessica Sprague with her awesome templates. This is from Crystal's kit called Sweet Vintage and the template is also hers.

Speaking of Jessica, have you signed up for her free Photo Editing Class called Frame Ups? I signed up... I figured even an old dog like me can maybe learn a few new tricks! ;)

Have a beautiful day!!


Amy said...

i LOVE this layout....i'm looking forward to the day that my boys collect stuff in their pockets :)

Elizabeth said...

wow..that's a fabulous LO. That's a cool picture too. the 365 project is paying off for you. :)

the life of a teenage scrapbooker said...

just found your comment on my blog! Thanks for visiting!
Love the layout you made, very cute, and i may just have to copy the idea, i always put things in my pocket, and most of the time they get washed!
Megan P
PS congrats on doing P365 for that long!
i dropped out but plan on starting again soon!

Christie said...

Great layout! I took a picture earlier this year for my P365 that was "Random stuff I found on my floors". I need to make it into a layout. I signed up for Jessica's class too. See you there! :-)