Friday, July 31, 2009

CHA ~ The Aftermath

aftermath (noun) the consequences or aftereffects of an event.

The aftermath for me would be super tired-ness. I enjoyed going to CHA, but, it was work, and I worked hard.

Sunday, I woke up at 3 AM (after going to bed at midnight), showered and got ready, left by 4:15. Got to the airport around 5:30... ate breakfast with Michelle, the owner of Creative Charms, then we got on the airplane around 7:30. Landed in sunny Tampa around 9:30 am. We couldn't check into the hotel yet, so we sat in the lobby. The hotel was gorgeous, btw.

Around 11:30 they let us check in. Then we had to give a presentation over at the convention center, so we hurried over there with 5 large boxes of products. Schlepping around product is not fun, and my arms still hurt. We did the presentation, grabbed a bite to eat at a nearby hotel because all the food things were closed at the CHA convention. Ran back to the convention to set up the Crafters Home show. We did that from 5-9, repacked everything up by 10, schlepped it all back to the hotel again by 11. By this point, I think I was up like 20 hours... totally insane.

Monday, we just relaxed, did some outlet shopping. That was nice. :)

Tuesday was the show. We had to schlep more product over. (I keep using schlep, because that just totally describes what we did!) We set up some Creative Charms stuff in a fellow Pittsburghers booth, then I could finally walk the floor. That's when the real fun began.

I met up with LaVerne first. OMGosh, I just love her. What a fun girl!! We took pictures by Pink Paislee & Karen Foster's booths, checked out some stuff, found her friend, lost her friend, then found her again... I wish I could have stayed one more day, then I could have had a beer with LaVerne!!

Next, I headed over to Tattered Angels and found Liz Hicks, another CKMB buddy. She's so cute, and just oozes talent. What a nice girl. (sorry for the blurry photo, I took the little camera)

Then, I got a call from Noel Joy... yeah, after 2 years we finally get to meet IRL! What a blast. She was working as a reporter for the Scrap Review, but she took a few minutes to say hi, and snap some photos. What fun. (sorry for the bad photo... I look weird, Noel looks awesome as usual!) She's great. Oh, and just as nice in person as she is on the MBs. ;)

Then, I got a surprise call from Kim!! Wow, I didn't even know that she'd be at the show. Kim (aka ~kim~) is another girl I met thru CKMB (Creating Keepsakes Message Board.) She was such a sweetie... we hung out and watched Tim Holtz and we also did a make and take together at Ranger. That was fun.

OK, that's it. I have CHA photos, but, so does everyone else. LOL! And, really, it's all such a blur to me. My first time, you just kinda have to soak it all in. I'm so bummed that I missed so many booths. I hit the big ones, but I missed stuff like Melissa Frances, Jenni Bowlin, and Webster's Pages. Next time, I'll go with a plan.

The coolest product, by far, is the QuicKutz Letterpress. Oh, it is soooo cool. Check out the photos on the Scrap Review. This is something that I would personally really like to get. I could use it for my clients, smaller runs of invites and such. Fun.

Off to bed, I'm still so very tired!!

Have a great day!


Christie said...

I know all of that schlepping around is tiring, but is looks like so much fun! Can you take pics of your make and takes? I would love to see those!

Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

looks like an awesome time all around!!!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh what a wonderful trip!

i am so glad you had so much fun!

:) melissa

Rachel said...

How lucky you are! Thanks for sharing you CHA trip with us!!!

Amy said...

lucky duck!! looks like you had fun after all the schlepping :)

ellen s. said...

oh how fun! you are so lucky, sounds like hard work and fun...a good combo. tfs!

Stacy said...

How cool that you got to meet some of the girls IRL! I found the answer to a question for the AMR Scavenger Hunt :)

Jen said...

You got to meet some amazing people at CHA, so cool!!! Thanks for sharing a bunch of pics from CHA I enjoyed looking at them!!! Those booths look amazing in photos can't imagine what they would look like IRL.

AMR scavenger hunt brought me here!!! Have a great day!!!

grettas granddaughter said...

That is great that you got to meet them IRL and great pictures. AMR scavenger hunt brought me here today.