Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hey! How was your weekend? Mine was super! Had family over on Saturday, then we just relaxed the rest of the day and watched some movies. Sunday was a bit warmer and sunnier, so we headed out to the Westomoreland Arts and Heritage Festival. We sampled some delicious ethnic food, and Emma purchased a spoon ring. (that is too funny because they were popular when I was her age.)

Here's a cool sand sculpture:

And, in honor of the 4th, a flag that was at the Festival:

And, here's Emma's spoon ring...

I really haven't been very scrappy because I am working on a catalog sheet and also some packaging for Creative Charms. I am sooo super excited to be going to CHA with them!! Since the package isn't printed yet, I had to "fake" that the product was on the package... here's how it turned out.

And here, is my absolute favorite embellishment from Creative Charms... they're called Vintage Brads... I can't wait to get some samples!!!
OK, gotta run. I need to finish the catalog sheet.

Hope you have a fabulous day!!


Lisa T. Howard said...

Love the spoon ring! Glad to hear you had a wonderful holiday weekend! Mine was quite pleasant as well!

Jingle said...

Those brads are gorgeous! Love the vintage ones! And I love that ring. I have been thinking about making some spoon and fork jewelry, but I don't really want to mess with the tools! LOL!