Thursday, July 16, 2009

Deal of the Century & Boyfriend!

Does this happen to you? You walk into a store looking for something in particular... it could be any store, it could be a dress for a wedding, shoes for the dress for the wedding, new pillows, face cream... whatever — but you go in and walk out empty handed. Same goes for when you have money. You've got extra $$ burnin' a hole in your pocket, you walk into several stores, and again, walk out empty handed.

On the other hand ... you walk into a store, any store, with no intention of buying anything, you're just looking... then there it is the perfect dress/shoes/pillow/face cream!! Isn't that how it always happens? Well, it happened to me a few weeks ago. My dh went into Dick's Sporting Goods to buy a new hat... I'm sorry girls, but the sporting goods store = boring to me. Luckily, Michael's is right there in the same plaza. I walked in, made a beeline for the scrapbook section, with no intention of buying anything...just gonna look (famous last words!) and there “she” was.... with a big fat clearance sticker. I snatched her up and held her close. I just couldn't believe that no one had found her!! Oh what a deal, what a STEAL!!

Isn't she a beauty!!!

I sat the box on the floor and pulled “her” out of the box, grabbed a scrap piece of paper from my purse and gave “her” a test run. Oh joy, rapture... she cut like butter!!

Lookie at how much I paid!!
cutter tag

Really, I couldn't believe that baby had been sitting there since June 6... and I purchased it around June 27. Guess it was meant to be! :)

When I got her home, I couldn't figure out the “as is” part, she cut fine. Then, after reading the back, she's missing the magnetic ruler. That's all. And, she is self sharpening, so I never, ever, ever have to replace the blade. She scrap's with me all the time!!

So, what should I name “her”? You do name your most favorite scrappy tools, right??? ;)


Have you seen Boyfriend yet! Oh my! I love, love, love this new line from Cosmo Cricket. It's just so perfect for boy layouts. I find it quite hard to find great designs for boys. I'm really tired of rockets and robots. My son isn't into rockets and robots. Never was. I'm also tired of sports and stars. So this line makes me happy! It's retro! I love the banana seat! Oh, when I was 10, that was the thing to have, a banana seat bike! You could ride two people on it!

Here is the boyfriend chipboard... love it!! I definitely can put that skateboard to use in a future layout!
And one of the sheets in the line:
I really like this line. What fun. And, if you grew up in the late 70's, early 80's like me, you could scrap some pictures of your childhood. Look at the soda bottles, the cassette player, the Raybans and Chucks.... cool. :)

Have a fun day! Blog ya later!


Jingle said...

I am totally in love with the Boyfriend line! I love the Love Earth line, too! I will be getting both!!! That deal is amazing! I am SO jealous!

Christie said...

Congrats on your deal! I have one of those and love it. And yes, that Boyfriend line is fantastic!

Elizabeth said...

Have fun with your "boyfriend" it looks really cute for boys. :) You'll like that trimmer and if it gets messed their customer services is fabulous!!

Happy Scrapping!

PattiM said...

Been there, done that on the shopping. More than I'd like to admit, too. Love the boyfriend line. Could have used that when I did my BOM last year. That chipboard alone brings back memories. The phone, camera, banana seat bike, cassettes, radio and shoes. Now, if I just had the moola to buy that and the line Jingle mentioned, I'd be set. (sigh)


(Pattie's passion)

I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

Stacy said...

Shut UP! :) I can't believe no one picked that sucker up. Score for you! I hardly ever use my ruler but if you think you would you might check with the company for a replacement.

Jennifer Sloane said...

First, let me say that I LOVE your site and always coming to it to read the feeds from everyone else that you link. Thanks!

About the trimmer, I had that trimmer for all of about 2 months before the lines and numbers started to wear off. It was a total pain! I would definitely find something to seal your numbers before you use it too much so that it can stand up to wear and tear.

Kristin said...

How awesome that you found that trimmer so cheap.

If you can find a deal like that I am confident that you can find my licorice.

I may actually be able to relax a little now, lol!

Thanks for looking!

Scramping My Life Away said...

The part of this post that made me :) the most was when you said, "I pulled out a piece of scrap paper out of my purse"!!! Gotta love the dedicated, albeit, crazy scrapbookers!!! LOL Great post!!!

Amy said...

I got a kick out of you giving her a trial run on the floor of michael's too :). What a deal! LOVE the new CC stuff too!

jandbsmom said...

I have the same trimmer! And I love 'her'. I bought mine though with the 50% off coupon. Enjoy! :D

Brit Swiderski said...

I just bought the same trimmer, and so far, so good. There's nothing like a new, awesome tool that you bought at a great price. I'm super excited about the boyfriend line, too. All of the patterns are sooo versatile. We're going to have a lot of fun with the new Cosmo Cricket. :)

Aida Haron, Singapore said...

WOW .. what a steal, enjoy it !!