Friday, July 3, 2009

Fancy Magazine Holders

My scraproom is still in the decorating process... 6 months after I painted and moved in. I hope to finish up soon. (someday...sigh)

I did, however, make some snazzy magazine holders to house all my magazines. I made them pink, black and white to match my scraproom. I love how they turned out. What do you think?

final mag holder

If you want the complete instructions, visit the Ally Scraps blog for the step by step.

Have a Happy 4th of July!! I've got to run and make some potato salad!! It's always better after it's been in the fridge for a day. Be safe, and have a great weekend.


joscelyne cutchens said...

cute cute! :) I bought a bunch of holders from IKEA a few years ago. Not sure how many years worth I want to keep up with!

Rachel said...

Those are so cute! I have some (very boring) magazine holders just like that from Ikea that I use in my classroom. yours put mine to shame.

diamond grading said...

The colour combination of pink an d black is looking very pretty...I would like to try this magazine holder for my home too.