Saturday, July 11, 2009


For being super busy this week, I sure did blog a lot. I must thrive on crazy deadlines! LOL! Either that or I'm a masochist.

Catching up {or Ketchup ;-) }... this week, I received the most incredible box from my sweet bloggy buddy Joscie Rhymes w/Bossy. She sent me some yummy Hawaiian Kona Coffee, that, when you drink it, this happens to you. (I wish.) Plus, this Hawaiian baking company bought one of Matt's illustrations to use in their logo and packaging, and Joscie managed to not only find it, but she sent us 2 of the a packages! Thank you so much girlie!!

But wait, there's more!! She also sent me some scrappy goodness! 3 paddles of bakers twine!! How cool is that??? It's really cool!! And I already used it on my layout shown in my last post, that is how cool it is! Plus, she gave me some very cute stick pins that I cannot wait to use.


Oh, almost forgot the Snapea Crisps! My daughter loves those! Joscie saw them in the store and thought of me... because my bloggy/mb name is Chrispea. Told ya she is a sweetie!! Thank you Joscie Rhymes with Bossy (and sometimes coffee!)

Here is a shot of the package design with Matt's illustration on it:

And here is the most awesome bakers twine and pins:

Another thing I wanted to "ketchup" on was my other bloggy friend, Rosie, gave me this bloggy award.


I met Rosie on the Creating Keepsakes message board. She was a fellow Pennsylvania, but has since moved to Missouri. Now, we all went to a crop last year and met, and scrapped... were you there Rosie? I know Amy and Kristin were? I could have sworn you were.... am I dreaming?? LOL! Anyway, thank you dear for the award!!

It's a great lazy Saturday, and I really need that after the crazy week. I think I'll relax by reading a book then maybe scrappin' later.

Have a great weekend!!


Joanie said...

HI!!!! Thanks for popping over to my blog! I'm hooked and will be hanging out on yours!
Love those hat pins! Have a relaxing weekend and am going back to check out all your scrapping! You are so very talented!

Christie said...

Enjoy your weekend! Looks like you got a lot of Hawaiian goodness there to enjoy. :)

Kelli said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have seen those peas things in the store, but have been afraid to try them, I just might now that I 'know' someone that has.

Amy said...

fun stuff! did you see i used the flower charm you sent me in a LO? it's on my 7/9/09 post. i've gotten lots of compliments about the flower embellishment :)

joscelyne cutchens said...

YAY! :) I am so glad you are all enjoying the goodies :) You surely have been busy!
Love Ya! :)

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