Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jillibean is in the House {Friday Favorite!}

I haven't picked a Friday Favorite for a long time, I'm still stuck on the Cosmo Cricket lines! hehe

Well, move over Cosmo, there's a new kid in town.... Jillibean Soup ~ AND Ally Scraps has it in stock. I am just so stinkin' excited!!

Did I mention that I talked to Jill of Jillibean at CHA? She is so sweet... and guess what? She's originally from Pennsylvania! Yep, just a bit north of Pittsburgh. We talked about the area “up North”.

Here are a few of my favorite Jillibean sheets (gotta love these names):

Olive Oil:

From the Kraft line:
Bit of Babble (this one is fun):
And some Christmas ones:
Pinch of Christmas Cheer:
Frozen Crabmeat:
Tomato Soup:

Aren't they fun? (as if I need more Christmas paper! or any paper at all for that matter!!)

Oh, and almost forgot, these journaling spots... if you get anything, you gotta get these, they go with any paper line:

Check out what Kimber did with the Jillibean papers. She made a house, Christmas Trees, a mailbox and layouts. Gorgeous stuff. It's all on the Ally Scraps blog....go check it out.

Have a scrappy day.


Linda Beeson said...

Yum, that is some super big goodness.

Linda Rodriguez said...

Loving those papers, for sure!

PattiM said...

Super cute! Love those journaling spots.


(Pattie's passion)

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Elizabeth said...

cute stuff!!