Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Morning Coffee Fiasco

This AM, my dh (dear husband) messed up my routine. YES, this whole mishap is HIS fault.

Our coffee pot is a Mr. Coffee and it's red and shiny and I LOVE IT!! Well, Mr. Hertel decided to take the basket out and set it beside the coffee pot.

Mrs. Hertel (that'd be me) proceeded to put water and coffee into her coffee pot. She put the freshly ground beans into a coffee filter and put the filter in the pot.

A few minutes later my son yells that the "tea" is leaking.

Oh no, the basket isn't in the pot. I try to rescue the coffee by pulling the filter up and out, but it EXPLODES.... coffee and grounds are now everywhere. UGH.

One hour later... coffee is cleaned up, grounds are cleaned up, I decide to rinse the pot out... the machine, as well as the pot... apparently, water got up under the clock thingy. It still worked so I just ran water through. I dumped out the water and was ready to make a fresh pot. By now it's 9:30 and way past coffee time. I get everything ready, grind the beans, add the water... and press the button.




I had to pull out an old machine and make due... it made coffee that tasted like watered down cigarette butts.

Desperate... I drank the hot liquid.

I guess I need to buy a new one, unless it dries up and suddenly starts working.

Here's an ode to my coffee pot that I did a while back.

Hope your day started off better than mine!! Happy Monday!


scrappin{jewlz} said...

Oh my gosh! Hope your day gets better!!

ellen s. said...

oh no! that stinks. a day without coffee is a day, well...a sucky day!

ps i love your layout, love that red!

Michelle Lanning said...

Oh no that sucks BIG time but I love the layout!

joscelyne cutchens said...

don't throw it out. give it some time to dry up, it might work. I did some over enthusiatic cleanign on my kitchenaid coffee maker and it kept blinking some error code. but the next day it went back to working. in the meantime, you need a coffee press for emergency situations like this. what would you do if there was a power outtage. coffee press, emergency supply. :)

Jocelyn said...

Oh No that stinks...and I have done this to several coffee pots....just killed them...Joe got me the Keurig and now it is so easy, just add the little thingy of coffee and you are off to the races!!! Love the are soooooo cute!!!!

Lisa Dorsey said...

So sorry to hear about your coffee maker! That stinks! I know what a mess I am without my caffine in the morning.

LOVE that layout too!

Shelley Haganman said...

The layout rocks....sorry to hear about the coffee maker! :(

Jen Martakis said...

ACK!!! That is terrible! Not only is that a total mess, but eek, the coffee pot. Take anything but my coffee pot....well, and my internet. lol

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