Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Busy, Busy.... (photo heavy post!)

Wow, we had a very busy weekend, that just kept on going like the Energizer Bunny right on into Monday!! (blatant plug there, click on the bunny link and become a fan!)

I did absolutely nothing scrappy, artsy or creative...

Oh, wait, I take that back, I decorated for fall. It took me ALL day Sunday (because I had to clean the tape marks off of the glass). Remember the other day when I drove on my meds? Well apparently, you shouldn't go shopping on meds either because you end up purchasing large pieces of furniture! I went to the furniture store, just to look (famous last words). In the clearance department, I spotted a china cupboard. I don't have a china cupboard... I needed a china cupboard! Truth be told, I have been looking for an affordable china cupboard for about 3 years. The one I wanted was this Pottery Barn beauty in black. Did you see the price tag? Sometimes it's about the hunt, getting that great piece for a great deal.

Here's a picture of my cabinet with all my pretties in it. I am going to repaint my walls a pumpkin color. I'm tired of the wine color. Maybe a darker color on the bottom, like cinnamon and the pumpkin on top.


Guess how much I paid for it? Guess? You'll never guess... $288. Yes, that is not a typo! It is a Kathy Ireland piece. A little on the modern side for my taste, but it works with the mission style table I have. I can change the handless if I want, and maybe paint it black, or not... it has some nicks and scratches, so it won't bother me to paint it.

I love the fact that my wine glasses and such won't get dusty. I previously had them on a bakers rack, which we will move to the basement for the winter, then come spring, it will look great on my deck with some potted plants on it... plus we can use it when we cook out to put the side dishes on.

On Saturday, we went to the Fort Ligonier Days Parade. It's a fantastic parade. We had bands from West Virginia, and the New York Fire Departments bag pipe band was even there. That was pretty impressive.

Here are some of my favorite pictures.

The fort and a reenactment, these were at the actual fort, not part of the parade:
fort lignier

Fort reinactment

Mohawk Indian in the parade, this guy was scary!
Mohawk Indian

The Syria Shriners:
shriner car


Shriner Shoes, these always cracked me up when I was a kid:

shriner shoes


NY City Fire Department Bagpipers:
NY fire dept 1

NY fire dept 3

Well, I have a ton more. I took 300 photos. Ligonier is so cute and quaint. If you are ever in Southwestern Pennsylvania, you should go there. They have a law that no fast food places are allowed. I don't know what the locals think of that, but I think it keeps the town unique and pristine.

I also did a photo shoot of my niece. She is graduating high school this year, so I did her casual shots. I was too tired to go on any great location, so I just used my back yard:

That's it for today. I edited a ton of photos! I hope to get scrappy sometime this week. I got some great paper for my birthday last month that I can't wait to use.

Have a great Tuesday!!


Pamela said...

Awesome photos!!! And I love that china cabinet...great find!

Jingle said...

Those photos look great! You know, Chris...you really need to post a warning if you are going to include large close-up photos of CLOWNS! They scare the crud out me! LOL! Looks like you found a great china cabinet, too!

Christie said...

Great pictures! What lens did you use? And your china cabinet looks so pretty! I love a good deal. My house is full of good bargains. :)

Jocelyn said...

I LOVE the China Cabinet and all the fall pieces in it!!! How awesome and what a great price!!!! Sounds like your family has a great time and I adore the pics...the Indian and the Clown are Fabulous!!!! What kind of camera do you use and what lens!!!! Wishing you a wonderful day....sweet friend!!! :-)

joscelyne cutchens said...

I loved those pictures, fab! I've never seen shriner shoes before?

Amy said...

great photos...love your new cabinet :) it's so fun to have a new piece of furniture. i've had my eye on that pb piece, too....way too expensive, but i LOVE the sliding glass doors! :)

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

wow - what GREAT photos!

Michelle said...

And where is the picture of my Pillsbury Doughboy?! LOL! He was the highlight of that parade! Great pics! Glad you had nice weather & a nice time!

Jen Martakis said...

Your photos are amazing!! I love them!

$288? You lucky gal you! :)

KJ said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos Chris. You have a great eye for composition. Those shoes really cracked me up!
I hope you are well & feeling strong.

ellen s. said...

oh that cabinet would look fabulous in my house! ;) ;)

and i love love love bagpipes...looks like an amazing day

Linda Beeson said...

How much fun are your photos of the parade. So colorful and so neat with the looks of fall in the background.

scrappin{jewlz} said...

awesome pics, chris!

I agree, the mohawk guy is scary