Monday, February 22, 2010

Don't Ya Hate When That Happens?

Picture this... Thursday afternoon, Walmart, cart full o' groceries... I just need one more thing, ink for my printer... black and yellow. I have an HP Photosmart with 6 cartridges. I go back to the electronics department and make a "b" line for the ink. Aha, there it is... ink #2 in black. It's $20 just for the black, and the yellow is $10, that's $30.... hmmmm, but wait, there's a box below it for $30, a combo pack with the black, plus the dark cyan, yellow and dark magenta. Cool... I grab the box... saunter over to my husband to tell him how clever I am... "hey, who would pay $20 just for black, when I can get all four cartridges for $30!"

Very pleased with myself, I pay for it in electronics, then proceed to the front to pay for the groceries.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon. I'm printing photos for a scrapbook page. 2 come out, then the little message pops up that I need to replace my black ink cart... I grab the new ink, open the side of the box, and "uh oh".... this doesn't feel like the right size....


I picked up the #21/#22 ink carts.


And I had been so smug!

I hate when that happens!

skunky line

I did manage to go to Michael's to take advantage of their 40% off MM Slice stuff. I got 2 cards and the spatula. I wish I would have saved my money on the spatula. My Xacto blade works much better. (but it is really cute)

slice cards

I chose Spring and Just Chillin' Teen. I was aiming to get something that was versatile. They both have some fun shapes.

Had a happy mail day last week. I joined in the CHA chat over at 2 Peas, and won the Bella Boulevard prize. I've never had any Bella Blvd. product before, and was pleasantly surprised. I really like it. The kit had tons of paper, sticker sheets and some journaling blocks.


I did manage to do a little bit of creating. I haven't finished my layout yet, but I did 2 cards. I played with my new Slice cards on these.

bd card


I also used the Martha Stewart Loopy punch. Love that thing! I think the loopy punch kinda looks like candles on the top one.

I guess I am forced to go back to Walmart to return my ink. I'm just glad I didn't tear into the box and mutilate it! Just a few glue dots and it will be as good as new.

Have a crafty day!!


Jingle said...

Bummer on the ink.

Yay! On the new Slice cards.

Yay! for the happy mail.

And SUPER CUTENESS as far as the cards go!

Pamela said...

So sounds like something I would do. :) Love your cards!

shery said...

lovely cards, liked them

Cindy said...

Love these cards! I'm going to get a new border punch or two next week. I am a card maker and try to save 1 sample of each card I make. I also save the handmade cards that I receive. I am going to spend the rest of the day putting these cards into a scrapbook that is not being used.

Marlene said...

Oh....I think I've had the occasional light bulb go off in my head (just like you with the ink) and later found out that I had mistaken the lightbulb for a brainfart.

Very cute cards!! (I love the loopy punch, too!)

joscelyne cutchens said...

hee hee, I NEVER make silly mistakes like that (insert eyeroll) heee. i am the QUEEN of oh, dang, I didn't mean to do THAT!
i love that spring font, super super cute! yay for 40% off and happy 2Peas mail. and that loopy punch is the best, isn't it? love those cards, especially that butterfly :)
ps. my word verification says sters.
makes me think sisters or monsters. ha.

Jillian said...

Hello! I linked over here via a thread on 2Peas and I just love your blog! I love finding new blogs to adore, and I've got yours bookmarked now! :) That loopy punch looks GREAT - I've never noticed it before - I'm going to have to set aside a coupon for that one! I'm also intrigued by the Slice - I've deliberately not found out anything about it because I don't need the temptation, but you've really got me curious now...I'll have to check it out. TFS all your inspiration and thoughts - looking forward to popping in again! Cheers, from Vancouver, Canada. :)

Malin said...

Cute Cute cards!!!

Jocelyn said...

Oh you make me giggle...I would have done the same thing with the INKS!!!!

Congrats on the win of the Bella Blvd..looks awesome....can't wait to see what you make!!!

Loved the cards and the punch does look like candles...I need that punch but have not been able to find it anywhere here!!!

Wishing you a great week sweet friend!!! :-)

Carly said...

Super cute cards! LOVE that Spring Slice cart-so stinkin' cute!

BTW I use the same ink I have a HP C7280. The black ink by it self is a lot more ink that is why it's more because you use the black so often. But ink is so expensive I usually just go with the combo pack too. BTW-You know if you take your old empty ink cartridges to Staples you get $3 for each one? Helps a little I just usually save them and take them in when I have a bunch.

Kelli said...

Very cute cards! I wanted that loopy punch but our Michaels sold out right away and never re-stocked them and now they don't even carry those designs anymore.
I guess I didn't need it that bad.

Amy said...

you made me laugh - SO something i would do (and have done!) love that spring font and what you did with your cards - super cute :)

Michelle Lanning said...

yeah I have done that! And a question for you -- do you have a color problem with that printer? YOu can email me

and I was just going to say the loopy punch looked like candles - sweet!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

i hate when that happens!!! :) i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your happy mail and love love love love love the cards!!! gorgeous! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Melonie said...

Great cards and I have an HP printer yeah...totally know what you are talking about:) Have a great week.

Andrea Amu said...

Yes, I've made that stinky mistake with buying the wrong ink carts before! Glue dots do come in handy! :)

Love your new Slice carts... the font on the Spring one is super pretty! Enjoy them :)

Your cards are perfect, and the loopy does resemble candles on the first one!

ellen s. said...

you always crack me up! glad you got a good deal on those slice

AND that Bella rocks! i love it. and i adore what you did

how are you feeling?

i linked your blog over at Serendipity in the digi/hybrid section to show off your awesome stuff!

Nishant said...

So sounds like something I would do. :) Love your cards!
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