Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Round & Round

My first round card! :) Joscie totally inspired me to use my Silhouette, which has been sitting here gathering dust.

I made this pretty little circle card for my in-laws anniversary. I LOVE it! I'm so glad that I have the pattern now, I can make more. I drew everything in Adobe Illustrator, then cut it out on my Silhouette. I will have svg files later in the week for you, if you'd like to cut them out, too.

Ann Card 1

I used my Slice for the butterfly, then outlined it with some Stickles.

For the sentiment shape, you just cut out the shape, print your sentiment on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper using word or whatever program you want. Tape the shape over the word, using double sided tape. Also, tape down the top tip of the shape. It tends to bend over. Took me 3 tries before I fixed it. Just make sure your tape isn't super sticky. Stick it to your shirt first to get it fuzzy and take some of the tackiness off of it.

Ann Card 3

Pretty bow! I really like the width of this ribbon. I'd like to get some more.

Ann Card 2

Oh, I guess I should share my refrigerator story with ya... too funny.

We bought a new Samsung stainless steel fridge at Best Buy. Now, we weren't stupid about it, we measured our cabinets. We had 36 inches on the top, and about 35 1/2, due to the fact that the counter top was hanging over a bit, and there was about an inch of space to the right of our stove.

We looked and looked and found the one I fell in love with at Best Buy. You know how it is, you just MUST to have THAT one. No other would do. It had all the bells and whistles of the over 2 grand models, but for half the price. LED lights that slowly light up the longer the door is open, fancy buttons for the ice... easy access to the water filter. Nice shelves, that were closed so if you spill soy sauce in it, it doesn't drip down to all the other shelves.

We buy it on Saturday. We come home and measure. Hmmm, doesn't look like it's going to fit on the bottom. Top cabinets are OK. Matt takes the counter top off and cuts off an inch. Then he painstakingly shaves off about a half inch from the cupboard.

Tuesday the ginormous fridge arrives. The delivery guys take our old white ancient (14 year old) fridge and move it into the garage. (hello beer fridge) They bring in the new fridge, and take one look at the space and say, “That ain’t gonna fit.”

Oh no!

We tell them, just leave it where it is and we'll figure something out.

We remeasured the top, and assured ourselves that it will indeed fit. We decided to go to Lowes and get the waterline hookup and also look for a smaller base cabinet. Ours was 18 inches... we needed to go to 16. (alas, they don't make 16, we got a 15")

At Lowes I found an oak 15" cabinet that looked similar to ours. We get it home and I immediately say, "That doesn't match our cabinets at all."

Oi vay, what a fiasco!

Matt tells me that we are not taking it back. He had already opened the box. Oh well. He put the cabinet in, shaved off some more of the counter top, and we hook the waterline up... push the fridge back into the space and .... dang!! Now the WALL is in the way!! What the heck!! This space is supposedly designed for a refrigerator.

Well, we just have to have the fridge about 8 inches from the back wall in order for the freezer door to open. Can you believe this?

I was sooo upset. Crying that I had a "hillbilly" kitchen!

Sometime in the future, I will remodel the kitchen. For now, I'm stuck with the hillbilly cabinets and my shiny new fridge pulled too far from the wall. I think if I paint the cabinets, then they'll all be unified. Plus, I wanted to paint them anyway.

Here's the monster that caused all the problems:

Notice how the upper cabinets are a reddish stain, and the lower cabinet is quite a bit lighter and not reddish at all. Not to mention, a completely different style!!

I do love the shelves, and I have SO much room now!!

Look at all those healthy fruits and veggies in there. Dr. Oz would be proud!

Don't ya just love these lights??

Well, that's my fridge story. I swear, we live by Murphy's law. What can you do.

So, what's the moral of this story? I think it is you can make anything work if you try. ;)

Have a great day.


laterg8r said...

what a bunch of frustration - beautiful fridge though :D

okanogangirl said...

Beautiful card!
Well, my kitchen is more hillbilly than yours. I don't have any cabinet doors. And I'm married to a CABINET MAKER!! LOL!!!

PattiM said...

Gorgeous card, Chris!!! And frig. Don't ya just love how they don't make kitchens for the new frig's that are out. Mine is squeezed so tight between a wall and a cabinet that I doubt if we'll ever be able to pull it out... Hey here's a positive for me.....I don't have to mop under the frig.. LOL Hope you have a great week


{Pattie's passion}

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Jingle said...

Your card is gorgeous! I'm glad you got the fridge in there eventually! LOL! I think it would be great if you painted your cabinets!

Jocelyn said...

Oh I am so with you on the refrigerator...you have much more patience than we did..I ended up having to put the old one back in and order a smaller one..we should have just done what you did...because I paid more for the smaller fridge than the bigger one I really wanted!!!

Love all those goodies on the inside!!! Healthy!!

Thanks for the wonderful comment that you left me...it was a tough day yesterday and today I am just spent...I have this major steroid mask..I look like I have a huge sunburn all over my face!!! Hey...I actually have color instead of the gray look!!! Love ya girlie!! Keeping you in my prayers!!!

Michele said...

I know how that goes! we recently did the exact same thing! measured, bought. . . they had to take the handles off the doors to get it in the kitchen. and we also have that wall in the way. Our house was built in 1980.

Tracy said...

LOL Hillbilly kitchen You are too funny.
I wanted to put our microwave above the stove to save space, but we needed a smaller cupboard above the stove.
The cabnet maker said there is no way to matche the colour of the cabnets as we have oak and they change colour over time. So our microwave is on the counter.

Love your card.

Marfa said...

That circle card you made is awesome!!! I also love the lilacs...do you have some blooming in your yard?
The fridge looks great...too bad for all the size and mismatching troubles....

Lisa Dorsey said...

First of all, I so LOVE that card! Gorgeous! I am LMBO at your fridge story. Love your new fridge, hillbilly kitchen and all!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

hehehehehehe....u and me both must have murphy living in our homes!! LOL!!!! I loveeeeeeeeee the new fridge and love love love love the card....the colors are BEAUTIFUL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Michelle said...

Oh what a fiasco! But, where there's a will, there's a way! Like I said, you must REALLY love that fridge to go through everything you did for it! LOL Glad it worked out for you! Love the card! Pretty colors you used! (And your bow is tied perfectly!)

kimosabescraps said...

I love that card so much!!
That fridge is amazing!

Cindy said...

I love the card! We bought a new Samsung SxS frig. a year ago. It looks a lot like yours, but with a few differences. We had to shave a bit off the bottom of our cabinets overhead, but we knew up front that we would. I absolutely hate that frig., but my husband threw a fit to get it. And it cost way too much money! We have never had a SxS before and I can't get anything to fit inside it. We need a new stove too and I am NOT going to let him have his way about what we get!