Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Check out Creative Charms....

Oh my, are they cookin' with gas or what? Their blog is hoppin'! AND Midori has put together the most awesome design team EVER! I'm sure you will recognize some of the names.

Hop on over and check it out. We're doing Scrap Pink sneak peaks. I'm still working on mine (blush).

Debbie made a beautiful wall plaque for me and gave it to me yesterday... here's a little lookie lou at that:

Scoot on over to the Creative Charms blog to see it all! It's purdy! Thank you Debbie for thinkin' of me!!

And, CP asked about my sofa that I bought. It's a Broyhill, and the name of it is Ethan! (my son's name.) I got it from a local furniture store. Here's the link to it. I'm very happy with it.

Thanks, and have a creative day!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ta Da!

We got the new furniture. I like it a lot. We had to rearrange the family room, put the tv on the side wall instead of the back wall, and now we need to buy a new cable for the tv, but other than that, it worked out perfect. It's so fresh looking in there now. Before I had dark brown sofas. (you can see these in the layout below)

Here's how the room turned out. I still need to put some artwork on the bare walls. We had to take the picture down that I had up. I'm going to do some art canvases of a few of my favorite project 365 photos. You can get 12 x 12 canvases for around $12 at Arts Cow. I thought doing about 6 in black and white would look really cool.

living room

I had to stitch 2 photos together. My wide angle lens isn't wide enough. (If you look way back past the kitchen, thru the arch is a white door... that's our office. We bought this house because of that office!

Here's just the sofa... love it! I'm going to paint the pine tables black. They are super duper old. I think we bought them in 1994. They are scratched and scuffed, crayoned and markered... just really beat up. They're do for a make over.

lv 1

The pillows are growing on me. At first I didn't like them, but they're pretty cool.

Here's the other side of the room:

A comfy recliner for my hubs. I don't think it looks to terrible of a recliner. (and yes, that is one green wall and one yellow wall, we're weird like that! I'm tiring of the yellow though, I think I'll just take the green into the kitchen.)

And our fireplace... we painted it with orange suede Ralph Lauren paint. I'm sure the name isn't "orange" it's probably something fancy, but it's been 7 years and I can't remember.


See that stinkin' cord for the cable... gotta get a new one. (mmm, mmm, mmm, look at the eye candy on my tv. Hi Josh!!)

So, there's a peek at my family room. It's fun to redo a room. It's even more fun when you have money given to you from Grandma Barbara to buy new stuff. Thanks Barbara, we love ya!

And lastly, here's a digi layout I did using Crystal Wilkerson digi papers and elements available on Jessica Sprague.

This is our first home. It was little, but I loved it. We remodeled the whole thing, top to bottom. I still miss my maple kitchen cabinets. They were so much better than the ones I have now. But, we grew, and our business grew and Matt being 6' 2", and having a slanted ceiling attic office just wasn't cuttin' it for him. Plus, I wanted my kids to go to this school district.


Well, that's it for today. I'm off to the Crop Shop to meet 2 scrappy friends, Debbie and Midori! Let's see what damage we can do!!

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Sofa Finale!!

We found a sofa! It's being delivered tomorrow (Saturday). Now I need new curtains, pillows, lamps, paint the walls....

Here's what it looks like... I'm not real crazy about the pillows.

Levin Sofa

It's really comfy, and a bit bigger than what I wanted to buy, but we can all spread out! (I hope it fits!)

Now for your viewing pleasure ;), here's a layout I did a few weeks ago (before my back went out!). I did it for Art Tech, my LSS, using the BoBunny Roughin' It line. (which I also thought was cool for a title)

roughin it

I used these photos before, but then I thought, what the heck, I have 2 kids, now they each have a camping layout. :)

On the campfire, I used some orange Stickles to give it some "spark"le. ;)

roughin it cu 2

Another close up, I cut out the little tear drop shapes from the patterned paper.

roughin it cu 1

Well, that's it for today. I had quite the busy week, went to Gettysburg and saw my oncologist, but I'll save that for the next update.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Search Continues...

for a new sofa. I found the perfect one online at Ikea, here, which looks a lot like the Pottery Barn sofa, here. Unfortunately, it did not feel the same. The seats were short, and when you have a 6' 2" husband with long legs, that's not gonna cut it. Maybe if we were a tiny family. Plus the Ikea cushions were hard (sorry Ikea, but they were)... and I want something cushy on my big butt! LOL!

Here's a side by side comparison on looks:
sofa 1

Virtually no difference. But, I've sat in the PB one, and oh my, it's heaven! But, the price is steep. I wouldn't mind paying that much if it was just Matt and I, but, I have 2 dogs and 2 kids who make messes, and I would just cry if I paid $2500 for a sofa and in 2 days it had dog hair and spills, ya know.

So, here's my other option, at Value City Furniture (weird name, sounds cheap, but they actually have nice stuff)
sofa 2

My husband isn't crazy about the loose back pillows, but I convinced him to sit in it and try it first.

I want a chaise because we always fight over one end of the sofa! This way, someone can stretch their legs out on that side... I could be swayed to more of a sectional, but I have a window along that wall and think it might look weird if part of it was covered up by a sofa.

So, the search continues. I hope I can find something today!! Ikea was a bust... I did get 2 outdoor rugs (oh boy!) one for the front door and one for the back.

In other news... ;) Here is what I made for my Mother in law for Mother's Day. I sooo wanted to keep these. The photos aren't great because I took them at night. (sorry)

Card Set

Card Set 1
Card Set 3
Card Set 2

I bought a mat stack of My Minds Eye Home line, and cut about 1/3 off and then swapped that with the coordinating paper (did that make sense?)... it fit perfectly on the cards that I bought. When I bought the cards and envelopes I thought the cards were folded, but they weren't, so I had to make some out of cream cardstock, then I used the blue that came with the envelopes on top of that.

My Slice came in handy on these... I used it for all of the flowers/birds/butterflies. I kept the cards flat for easy mailing. So, rather than using gems on the cards, I used Stickles.

Anyway... I need to get ready to go furniture shopping, but first, we're getting a rental car to drive to Gettysburg tomorrow to be with my son on his field trip. Fun day! Hope it doesn't rain. While we use the rental car, our car will be in the shop getting an oil change.

Have a great Tuesday!! It's a great TV night, LOST, GLEE and Dancing with the Stars... you know, GLEE wins! ha! But, I'll watch the others online.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Hybrid!

I just LOVE this new digi line Sweet Summertime from Crystal Wilkerson, available at Jessica Sprague.

When I saw it, I instantly fell in love, it is just so stinkin' cute!!

I used several papers, and some of the labels, and of course the ever popular pennant banner.


I hand cut the sun, label and cloud. I used my Martha Stewart punches to punch the edges of the paper strips.

I print my digi elements and paper on matte finish brochure paper from Staples (their brand). It's about 100# text weight, and produces beautiful bright colors.

Here are a couple close ups. I used pop dots to give the layout some dimension:

grands cu 2

grands cu 1

I also added some buttons.

If you're a digi chick, check out Crystal's stuff... and if you're not, check it out anyway! It's sooo cute!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. I threw my back out! OUCH. While walking, or rather hobbling into the restaurant for Mother's Day lunch, my dear husband kept telling people that I had had one too many. He's a card! I'll deal with him later. ;) I'm so glad we had a sit down lunch and not a buffet!

Here's what my dd made me. Everyone signed it and wrote me notes. I love my family, they're so sweet!! I'm a lucky girl.


Have a great week!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

That's What I'm Talking About....

Out of the blue, I get a package from Unity Stamp Co.

The little sticker note on it says:
“heard you we're having a hard time, hope this gift brings you a little ‘happy’ ”
Love All the Unity Peeps

Isn’t that awesome? I mean, what a nice thing to do. I’m so touched. That’s what I’m talking about.

untiy stamp 1

The stamp is uber cute, too!!

unity stamp 2

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see my last post (the list #8).

Have a great day!! :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Chu-Chi Face & Happy Days...

Here we go.... again with the purple! What's up with that?

OK, this purple is more on the pink side. It's new from My Minds Eye, and I just ADORE it!

I also adore these photos of my daughter when she was a baby. We called her Chu-Chi.

About 2 weeks ago, we were all sitting around watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and that song came on... Chu-Chi Face... immediately I knew I wanted to do a layout using that song and Chu-Chi as the title.

Here it is... a little on the busy side, but eh, that's OK, it's just for me.
Chu-Chi face

And a couple of close ups:
Chu-Chi face cu1

Chu-Chi face cu2

Chu-Chi face cu3

Did you see her cheeks? So squeezable!

I saw a layout on 2 peas that used the 6 squares, and for the life of me I can't remember who influenced this design.

So many "good" things are happening. Finally! I'm happy again.

1. I have EYEBROWS! Yes, it's the little things. You have no idea how hard it is to pencil in eyebrows... many days I'd end up with one up and one down... which totally cracked me up. I just kept remembering the line in Toy Story, when Mrs. Potatohead was packing up Mr. Potatohead and asking him if he wanted to take his "angry" eyebrows!

2. We bought a new fridge... I know I posted this before, but I really love that thing! It makes me happy!

3. I'm doing physical therapy, and I love it. It hurts so good! LOL! My arm is recovering quickly. I went from being able to bend it 80° to 144° in a matter of 2 weeks... she said I was doing great, so I'm taking her word for it.

4. Summer is quickly approaching, and that in and of itself makes me happy. No school! Warm days, eating outside, picnics, graduations, amusement parks! The beach! Yea summer!

5. I get to be a guest designer on the Ally Scraps blog coming up here in June! That makes me happy!

6. Grandma Barbara, aka my mother in law, is giving us money to buy a new sofa! Woot! Yeah for Grandma Barbara! She's da bomb! She said it's for all the past couple of rough months we had with my chemo and all. Plus, I was complaining about our ugly furniture!

7. I lost a few pounds since being off of those stinkin' steroids, and that makes me happy. A few more (or 20) would make me even happier. ;)

8. The kindness of everyone makes me happy. Friends and strangers alike, they just amaze me. People I don't know send me cards and letters saying they are thinking of me and praying for me... it is just amazing and touching and wonderful. I appreciate every single card, letter, and kind word. It has really gotten me through these past months. Thank you all!!

9. My iPod makes me happy. I take that little thing every where. Keeps my notes, my appointments, email, music.... love, love, love it!

10. Last, but certainly not least.... my hubby and kids, who were so loving and patient and kind to me all winter while I was sick.... who doesn't make me feel ugly and tell me that they like my little bit of stubble on my head and prefer that over my wig.

Happy day to you, too!!