Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Search Continues...

for a new sofa. I found the perfect one online at Ikea, here, which looks a lot like the Pottery Barn sofa, here. Unfortunately, it did not feel the same. The seats were short, and when you have a 6' 2" husband with long legs, that's not gonna cut it. Maybe if we were a tiny family. Plus the Ikea cushions were hard (sorry Ikea, but they were)... and I want something cushy on my big butt! LOL!

Here's a side by side comparison on looks:
sofa 1

Virtually no difference. But, I've sat in the PB one, and oh my, it's heaven! But, the price is steep. I wouldn't mind paying that much if it was just Matt and I, but, I have 2 dogs and 2 kids who make messes, and I would just cry if I paid $2500 for a sofa and in 2 days it had dog hair and spills, ya know.

So, here's my other option, at Value City Furniture (weird name, sounds cheap, but they actually have nice stuff)
sofa 2

My husband isn't crazy about the loose back pillows, but I convinced him to sit in it and try it first.

I want a chaise because we always fight over one end of the sofa! This way, someone can stretch their legs out on that side... I could be swayed to more of a sectional, but I have a window along that wall and think it might look weird if part of it was covered up by a sofa.

So, the search continues. I hope I can find something today!! Ikea was a bust... I did get 2 outdoor rugs (oh boy!) one for the front door and one for the back.

In other news... ;) Here is what I made for my Mother in law for Mother's Day. I sooo wanted to keep these. The photos aren't great because I took them at night. (sorry)

Card Set

Card Set 1
Card Set 3
Card Set 2

I bought a mat stack of My Minds Eye Home line, and cut about 1/3 off and then swapped that with the coordinating paper (did that make sense?)... it fit perfectly on the cards that I bought. When I bought the cards and envelopes I thought the cards were folded, but they weren't, so I had to make some out of cream cardstock, then I used the blue that came with the envelopes on top of that.

My Slice came in handy on these... I used it for all of the flowers/birds/butterflies. I kept the cards flat for easy mailing. So, rather than using gems on the cards, I used Stickles.

Anyway... I need to get ready to go furniture shopping, but first, we're getting a rental car to drive to Gettysburg tomorrow to be with my son on his field trip. Fun day! Hope it doesn't rain. While we use the rental car, our car will be in the shop getting an oil change.

Have a great Tuesday!! It's a great TV night, LOST, GLEE and Dancing with the Stars... you know, GLEE wins! ha! But, I'll watch the others online.


Debbie Gaydos said...

That card set is adorable! Love how you used that border punch too. I finally just got that one myself, after seeing it everywhere and coveting it, I had to have it! :)

As for furniture: our favorite places to shop are Levin's and Roomful Express. I used to think of Levin's for "good stuff" and RE for a cheaper quality, but I have to say, the last time we were there we were impressed with what we saw... better than I remember from a few years ago. We bought both of the boys a desk and bookshelf there a couple of months ago (RE), and they are very good quality. And we got our living room set at Levin's a couple of years ago. :)

Tracy said...

Those cards are adorable.

For me, tonight is Biggest Loser finale.

Kelli said...

Great cards!
I know that sometime soon we will have to buy new furniture. Our's is old, and choc. brown, so it's probably dirty and we don't know it. But it's so sturdy and I know we'll never find anything as well made again.

Chrispea said...

OH yeah, forgot about Biggest Loser, but I can watch that OnDemand. Last night I re-watched the makeover show, then watched last weeks. I like fast forwarding thru the last chance workouts!

PattiM said...

Love your card sets...Turned out really cute!!!!
Just wanted to let you know I have a sectional with a lounge and I hate it. I wanted one really bad and now that I have it, no one sits in it.. LOL Makes my back hurt, don't know why. Wished I would have got a recliner on both ends instead. Oh well...Hope you find a couch in your price range that you like...Hope you have a great week!!


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Sandie said...

Tuesday is a great TV nite, eh? I love dancing with the stars,and biggest loser. And AI. Canadian idol is no longer on, so I just have AI now. lol Lovely cards, btw. I'm with you. Stickles work great, and do almost the same thing as bling, and yet the cards are so much easier to mail.

I'll keep you in my prayers with your BC fight. So many of us will end up fighting that disease. We are in the same business, btw. lol https://www.blogger.com/captcha?type=IMAGE&captchaKey=1d8kyvhd7vv98www.integratedmarketing.ca That's mine and my husband's.
Take care.

Melissa said...

SOfa shopping for a tall husband is hard WORK! My hubby is 6'4" and what I always feel excited and happy about usually turns into frustration over the fact that nothing fits him comfortably. Grr.. Good luck with the shopping.

Jocelyn said...

Love your choices and take it from me...go with the comfort...

I adored the PB Sofa also and just would not come up with the bucks and now am I ever so sorry....The sofa we bought is just miserable..I thought it would grow on me and it didn't!!! Those toss pillows on the second sofa....I had one just like it and it drove me insane...because every time you get up you have to put them back in place!!!!

Good Luck and I hope you find the perfect sofa!!!

I have a very tall hubby...he is 6'6" and you should see him on the sofa I picked....not a pretty sight!!!

How lucky is your mother in law...love these and the little birdies are just toooooo cute!!!

Have fun on the field trip....how exciting...take lots of pics!!! :-)

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Your cards are so beautiful! I hear you on the sofa thing. We were searching for ages for ours because I'm wicked short and he's wicked tall. :) Good luck!

Marlene said...

Cute cards! You're so dang productive!

I love my sofa and wouldn't give it up for anything. It has dual recliners built in - so there's no fighting over the recliner. I almost ALWAYS sit with my feet up - so it was a perfect choice.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Good luck with the couch search!! I have a loose pillow back one...and its kinda a pain (well...if U are a neat freak like me! LOL!!) I am constantly PULLING them back to their shape....for when anyone sits on the couch... the cushions get sucked into the couch...drives me nuts!! LOL!! I love love love love loveeeeeeeeeeeee those cards...AWESOME COLORS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Carly said...

Super cute cards!

On the couch quest. Not exactly the same style but my friend has this one with the chaise:
From Big Lot's and it is super comfy and she's had it about a year and still loves it.