Thursday, June 3, 2010

Going Topless....

Yep, I've been going topless lately... and apparently, it's all the rage!

I admit it, I've flipped my wig, literally! Yep, tossed it aside and I'm letting my natural, very, very, VERY short locks see the light of day.

It has been abnormally HOT these past few days, 85°+... and girls, let me tell ya, wearing something akin to a dead cat on your head really makes you sweat. I don't like to sweat. So, off with her wig!

But, as you will see below, it's really in vogue to have a super short pixie cut... and, although I wouldn't have chosen this hairdo on purpose, I'm actually stylin'!

Just check out these celebs with fabulous pixie cuts:
PIxie cuts

Of course to pull off this look, it helps to be gorgeous and have stunning bone structure.

My hair is still shorter than all of the above... it's more like this:

If I looked like Natalie Portman and had great big doe eyes, I'd be rockin' this look, but, I don't, and I'm a bit older, and well, probably have about 40 pounds on her! I usually wear a cute pink Nike hat when I go topless!

I promise, I will show you a photo of me with my "new" hair... but, let's wait until my locks are as long as the photos in the first picture. Seriously tho, after being a skin head all winter long, any hair is great hair! LOL!

skunky line2

I have LOTS of assignments in the works. Here's a sneak peak of one for Creative Charms.

blink cu

In honor of breast cancer awareness month in October, Creative Charms has put together a special "pink" kit. Love it! I'll have the whole thing up for you on Monday, on my blog as well as Creative Charms blog. Don't forget to stop over there, they have some fabulous layouts being posted by the new design team. Summer Fullerton (a Making Memories Master) posted a cute way to use the shimmer flowers. Check it out.

Have a great day! and don't forget to feel your boobies!


Debbie Gaydos said...

I'm sure you look beautiful! Can't wait to see you. And the sneak is gorgeous, I know you did something fabulous with the kit!

joscelyne cutchens said...

I agree, I am sure that you are beautiful! ps. i love love love short hair like that. I've done it before, but its costly to keep getting it cut that short.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Can't wait to see your new do!!! And loving that sneak!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee those flowers!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Marlene said...

I had a short do like that about 8 years ago or was so low-maintenance, I loved that part of it. Sadly, though, I have a tiny little head and I looked like a no more short hair for me.

I did laugh out loud when you referenced the "dead cat on your head". :)

Those pink flowers are ADORABLE!!!

Jingle said...

Chris, I wanna see!!!! Actually, it's funny... I JUST grew my hair out and I can kinda put it up even and now you have me wanting to chop it all off again! I really love that look on Victoria! Of course, I don't quite look like her, so it might now work so well, but it's nice to dream! HA!

Jan said...

I'm sure you look fantastic! And it's your own hair, not a dead cat! Love your sense of humor! Unfortunately, I'll have the whole summer wearing "the dead cat", but at least it doesn't get extremely hot here. I have a tiny pinhead too, so never liked having short hair, but who knows after this! Love your sneak peeks!

Kelli said...

I'm sure you look gorgeous! I am a short hair person, had the same style for a million years. It's so easy although I have to get it cut every 4 week to look this good.

Fire Ants comment made me think about a friend whose son had ants all over him, the kind that bite and he was screaming and she couldn't figure out why. Turns out he wasn't circumcised and guess where it was?

Rebecca said...

Love the creative charms sneak--so beautiful! I actually just cut all my hair off. I finally just decided that I am way too lazy to deal with anything beyond a little product. I'm no Natalie Portman either, but I am a whole lot happier ;)

Lydia said...

I love the short look!! I am sure you look fantastic, I have been short almost have my life, but I am sure that it would be harder if it was forced, It is a sign of your beauty and strength, Rock on and if I have not said it before. MAN I LOVE YOUR HEADERS that skunk is cuter than ever!

Drea said...

I bet you look FAB with your short hair!!

I am lovin this layout with those gorgeous flowers!!

Miss you tons and that paper I used on my layout was Pink Paislee.