Thursday, August 12, 2010


I got zapped, twice... that's what I'm calling it when I get radiation... zapped.

It doesn't really feel like anything, although I feel very tight, but, I think that's my imagination because they said that I wouldn't feel anything for 2 weeks, then it will be like a sunburn.

When I get zapped I lay in a machine with my arm above my head and I hold on to a ring. After they adjust the bed and get me into the exact position, I'm then told not to move. I get 4 zaps. The first one the machine is really close to me. I have to turn my head to the right and not look in that direction. I wait... I hear a click, then this loud alarm sound goes off. I count... 1, 2, 3...24, 25... first zap done... 25 seconds. Machine moves to left and shifts into place. Again the click then the alarm... 1, 2, 3... 23... hmm this zap was only 23 seconds. I get 2 more zaps and counted those around 17. I counted because on the first day the one zap sounded like it went off for a full minute and the alarm sound was so loud I thought my ears would burst.

It helps to count. It made it seem to go faster. Today is treatment #3 — 32 more to go.

The cancer center is a scary place. When you leave, or at least when I leave, I always feel so lucky that I have (had?) the kind of cancer that I did. I see people in wheel chairs, a lady with a shaved head and a huge scar in the back - and I just know she had brain cancer. I am blessed that I had such good care. I also feel sad, so sad that this cancer center is so busy. I was thinking yesterday wouldn't it be nice if there wasn't anyone in the waiting room instead of it being full of people waiting to receive their drano (chemo) and zappings. I hope and pray everyday that all these people will get better.

So today, I'm off to get treatment #3 at 10 am. Yesterday it was at 3:45. I like the idea of getting it done with earlier in the morning.

On a scrappy note (gotta leave you with a little cuteness!), I am working on a 7 Gypsies printer tray. I have the photos and paper cut, and everything figured out where it's going. I just need to glue it down and glitz it up.

I ordered an ATG!! In pink! It said it shipped today. I got it from Flowers to Flourishes last week. I'm so excited. I hope to get it for the weekend, then I can use it to finish my project.

Weird how some tape can really make your day!! hee hee, it's the little things, ya know.

Anyway, here's my not quite done project:

sneak peak...

I need to put a picture in that giant pop cap {soda cap or coke cap to you Southerners ;)}. The cap is from Maya Road. The flower is from my good friend Lisa in Oregon. She sent it to me while I was getting chemo. Thanks Lisa!! She also had breast cancer, but was lucky to have caught it really early, so she didn't have to have chemo or radiation.

Have a great day, and feel your boobies for me! ;)


Debbie Gaydos said...

I'm so sad that you have to go through all of this, my friend. But can't imagine anyone facing the challenge with more courage and grace! You rock. Keep kicking that cancer's ass!

Love the printer tray, can't wait to see the whole thing!

Marti's World said...

Oh, Chris. I, too, hate that the cancer treatment center is full of people. :o( You are doing so well and are such an inspiration to many people. Your positive attitude is awesome! Keep it up!

The printers tray is going to be fabulous. You have inspired me. Now I need to go out and buy one.

Have a good day!

Debbie said...

Wishing you all the best Chris. Keep the faith girl!

Marlene said...

Two words: CANCER SUCKS.

Sounds like you are nearing the end of your treatments, and I'm sure you will be a happy camper when you can put it all behind you.

Is that a crocheted flower YOU made? It's freaking awesome!

Chris Hertel said...

No, I can't crochet yet, I hope to learn. A friend sent it to me. It's purdy!!

Jocelyn said... have been through so much and still can see the positive....thank you for sharing this with us!!!!

I so wish the waiting room was empty also.....I just lost another friend from brain cancer and I know only toooo well what that waiting room feels like!!!

Keep up that wonderful attitude....I just adore you!

I love what you have done with the box..I have one sitting in my room...but creativity is not there for me!!!!! Looking at surgery coming up and I just feel blah...but now you have inspired me!!!

Love ya girlie!!!! :-)

GLOANN said...

Chris, your tray is shaping up beautifully. As soon as I saw the crocheted flowers I knew where they came from. She is so special; sent me some pretty pink ones when the new granddaughter was born.

I so admire you and your courage in facing this battle. Will be saying extra prayers for you.

Andrea Amu said...

I too wish those waiting rooms weren't filled up! Maybe one day! We can all hope and pray!

Looking forward to seeing your finished printer's tray... I see you are using the BG basics line... love that stuff!

Cindy Gay said...

Great picture of your daughter too!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

You know...that's EXACTLY how I feel when we take Brookie to the Childrens Hospital...why can't the hallways be empty? Why can't the recovery beds be empty? Why can't the waiting room for family and friends be deserted? I always get sad when I see all the different kids there for all the ailments....just breaks my heart... we are always lucky to leave within the same day about 6 hours after we get there...others aren't so lucky...they are there 24/7....I found out that they have 6 craft rooms for the that is where I now all donate all my 'old' scrap least I know that kids that are having a rough time can get some use of my goodies :):):):):):):) I loveeeeeeeeeeee the sneak and can't wait to see the full reveal! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Larajc said...

hugs to you, and prayers while you are going through this very scary time in your life!

Amy said...

i continue to admire your positive attitude. i agree about the cancer treatment mom says the same thing whenever she goes to see her oncologist. love what i can see of your tray. i just got the library drawer and i love it! :)

Merrylion said...

I am happy that I found your blog. You are in my Thoughts and Prayers.

Jan said...

I always feel better when I read your posts about your cancer, that no matter what they throw at you, you get through it and have a positive attitude. I really admire your strength and courage! I start my radiation in September, 20 treatments(8.30 am. every morning, yikes!) When they told me all the side effects, I was a little freaked out, but hopefully everything goes alright. I'll have to remember about counting! When I was at the cancer clinic on Monday (I had my last treatment!!) I was thinking the same thing, about all the people there, ones with really bad cancer, all those family's lives turned upside down, it just isn't right.
Your tray looks like it's going to be awesome, I'm inspired to do something with mine. Hugs!

Kim Watson said...

Hey Chris I was thinking about you today so thought I'd pop on over & say Hi! You are so positive & strong, an inspiration to women all over believe me! I cannot wait to see your Printers Tray project finished. It is going to be gorgeous!
Hugs from down South.

Michelle said...

Your project looks amazing & cute! Glad you got your ATG! Yep, the right adhesive is an exciting thing to us scrappers! Glad you are coming to the end of the horrible cancer journey. You've been so strong & inspiring throughout the whole thing. I admire you!

scrapbookobsession said...

Hi Chris ~ I just popped over to see how you're doing and what wonderful projects you're working on. I recognized Lisa's flower, too, LOL!
You're always in my prayers, sweet girl :)
{{{Hugs}}} ~Erika